Let's Change Things and Make 2011 Awesome!

I want to share a bunch of positive stuff with you, and encourage you to move forward into 2011 and become an even better version of you than you are at the moment. I want to share the wisdom of three people with you. These people are linked. 

I have a friend. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you'll already know about her. Diane Hochman is building an amazing business community, of which I am a member, and I want to introduce you to her in the context of this blog, so you can see why it makes sense to listen to her.

You know I am inspired by Tony Robbins, as I've posted about him here before. He follows me on Twitter, I've met him, and I walked on hot coals with him. One of the most amazing experiences I've had. Well... Tony Robbins had a mentor: Jim Rohn. Another person to whom Jim Rohn was a mentor was... Diane Hochman. You see why I'd be interested to listen to her?

The point is though than none of these people started out as giants. They grew that way by taking consistent action. You could do exactly the same thing, in your own way. Whether you choose to be a victim of the economy or decide to Keep Calm and Kick Arse is TOTALLY down to you. What are you going to decide to do?

Diane Hochman and Jim Rohn

Find out about how Diane went from a washed out version of who she COULD be, into the 3 dimensional powerhouse she is today, and how you could work with her if you're inspired to do so.


(Clicking the link will cost nothing, I'll earn nothing from it, but you could gain so much. Let's kick some arse!)


Ready for Christmas?

How's every little thing? 

Ready for Crimble? Got your lights up yet? We put up our Christmas tree today and I filmed the process time-lapse stylee. Hubby has forbidden the uploading of this to the web, or I'd share it with you. The funniest thing ever. 

The thing I noticed when I played it back, however, was how organised it all looked. We were squabbling about what should go where all the way through, but when you saw it speeded up, it looked planned. It reminded me of what you see with an ant colony. We assume insects that work in groups are very organised, but maybe they all squabble as much as we do. The overall pattern that emerges is what matters.

I want to share this video with you, because it shows how amazingly well people can work as a team, when we just stop over-thinking every last thing. Enjoy it.

How could you use this in your business? What about over the festive period? People get in such a state about how to make Christmas work every year, and yet... somehow... every year a turkey makes it to a table, people open presents, someone has too much egg noggy goodness, or chocolate, or rum. It happens every year. What if you just assumed you could all work together and make it work this year. It's not like you don't have YEARS of experience, is it? Why not just chill out this year, and let the chips (and mince pies) fall where they may? 

If you need some festive funds, I may be able to help:

Let me know how you get on, and please leave a comment below. I love it when you leave your thoughts. :) 


Are You Missing Out?

There is a huge phenomenon buzzing up the web at the moment, and I want to be sure you don't miss out. I'm sure most people already have a Groupon account. If you don't, sign up right now, here's why:

  • Deals that are so good, I can't understand how they get them. I assume they're loss-leaders. If you have any inside info, let me know. I guess it's a win/win arrangement of free marketing in exchange for lost earnings. 
  • Whatever the case... we win! It is quite common to see reductions well over 50% - in fact, over 90% isn't uncommon.
Here's an example of one of the latest offers. An X Box, with 3 months broadband for...

Tell you what, why don't you work it out. What would you pay for a brand new X Box? What about 3 months of broadband to go with it? Got a number? Right, now think of a discount. Ready...

£10. Yep. Seriously. Not £10 off... just £10!!! There's only a limited number, and they're only around for a few hours. At the time of writing, there's 27 hours left to get this deal before it expires, and over 1,700 people have snapped up their £10 X Box. I'm picturing the look on the face of whichever child/partner/friend opens that on Christmas Day. A decent box of chocolates costs more than that! It's madness! The broadband is with Orange - the people I use. My broadband signal is consistently stronger than that of my friends on BT etc. I recommend it! In fact, the deal going forward is cheaper than I have. Wonder if they'd change it for me if I bought the X Box. I'd save a stack of money and get a free X Box. Seems unlikely, but might be worth a try. It's an amazing deal.

These deals are the best I've seen. Bearing in mind that I'm approached by advertisers every day to promote their products and services, I see LOTS of products and services. The stuff on Groupon is consistently superb. Everything from hotels to professional photo shoots can be found there, but they are all very, very limited in both time and number. The trick is to subscribe for updates so you don't miss them.

The service is available in a number of countries, and you can see results for both your country and local areas.


Why Work in November?

Only available at this price until Christmas
Find out more HERE


The Economy is Broken - in the Same Way That a Butterfly is a Broken Caterpillar

A few months ago, I was approached by a magazine and asked for a quote about the idea of 'Broken Britain' - which is a phrase that comes up in tabloid headlines often. My response was:

Britain is broken, in the same way that a butterfly is a broken caterpillar.

I changed the metaphor recently, and put the words in the title to this post on my Facebook welcome page. The economy is not broken. It has changed. It has metamorphosized. It's different now. If you keep trying to put the caterpillar back together, you'll fail. It has flown.

It is simply untrue to claim that nobody is making money. Plenty are making money, but they are not necessarily the big businesses. They are micro-businesses, or networks of micro-businesses, or MLMs.

One example of this is a friend of mine, Mark Tetzner.

Mark is a profoundly successful and wealthy man, has trained some of Jonathan Budd's elite clients, and has now been joined by one of Tony Robbins' coaching team.

He was NOT anything like this wealthy in the boom. He has made his fortune during the recession and he is helping others to do the same.

Mark's mentor rose from living in a trailer to being a millionaire. This is him with Jonathan Budd, playing with their cameras:

The story of Mark's mentor - also called Mark (Hoverson) - is truly inspiring, and the impact that his earnings and lifestyle have had on his family is moving. I might post a video about that in future. Right now though, I want to talk about Mark Tetzner, rather than his mentor, for a number of reasons:
  1. Mark is a sweetheart. 
  2. He has a great backstory
  3. You see people every day claiming to have risen from the depths of some calamity to the heights of greatness, and it's hard to believe, but I WATCHED HIM DO THIS. I'll explain the story below, but it's quite remarkable. It has taken him no time at all. He has done this in the time I've known him (a little over a year and half) and he's been the same person through the whole experience.
Mark is a cheeky, German guy living in Mexico and I became captivated by his story when I found him through (I'm not even kidding) searching for Mexican Swine Flu!

Okay... here's the story... Pig Plague, as I called it, had hit the UK and everyone was freaking out, so I searched online for information about it. Looking through all the medical stuff on Google, I saw a blog from a person actually IN Mexico. I'm a writer. Writer's are SO nosy. I wanted to know how someone could handle being in the middle of that giant firestorm, so I clicked.

Now... let's be clear how much of a firestorm this was:
  1. There was a recession
  2. He wanted to work in the tourism industry
  3. The whole industry had just ground to a halt because of a global pandemic
  4. He lived in the CENTRE of the pandemic!!
This was too much for my writerly brain to take on board. Surely, he'd give up on the idea of tourism. Surely, he'd move out of Mexico and back to Germany. There's NO WAY he could do anything but fail. And yet... he didn't fail.

As I watched, transfixed, he picked himself up and started walking. He stepped immediately into the shoes of a leader. THE GUY HAS NOT CHANGED. He's the same as he was then. He had the right mindset from the word 'go'. Here's what his mentor (the chap in the pics above) had to say about him, shortly after they started working together.

What's great about this story is that Mark has not only pulled himself up from an unimaginably difficult situation to a complete success in only a few months, but that he's doing the same for others too. I should imagine having a mentor who seems to be coated with some kind of recession-teflon is pretty comforting right now! He is a highly sought after coach. People pay Mark $500+ an hour for advice on how to do what he has done in their own businesses, but he gives this teaching to members of his team absolutely free.

Here he is talking to a team member who was previously a coach for Tony Robbins.

If you're jumping up and down saying 'what is this business?' There's a bit of info underneath. You know how reluctant I am to recommend anything, but I'm recommending you give this some serious thought, because I've been watching it, and Mark, for many months. It seems like a great business opportunity. Obviously, the fact that they're involved with Stephen Fry's old school piqued my interest too. Think that would be a cool place to stay. 

Like with any business, what you get out depends on what you put in, so I'm not claiming you'll be a millionaire within a year because, clearly, if you sit on your butt watching TV and wishing for cash to manifest itself, nothing will happen. This looks good to me. Really good. If you're prepared to kick Captain Flakey in the pants, and step up, you could have a new business for the new year. How cool is that?

The video below explains a lot, but I recommend having a chat with Mark himself. He won't hard sell you or anything. He's a good guy. But I know they have an AWESOME (no exaggeration) offer on at the moment, so go to Facebook, and post this on his wall: English Rebecca said you had an awesome offer (in a German accent). What is it? and he'll fill you in. It's pretty fabulous. 

Hope you found this interesting, and I hope you take the opportunity to chat to Mark and find out more about his story. Do it now! Mark on Facebook.


Defeat the Awesome Powers of... Captain Flakey!

In my last blog post, I spoke about the importance of making a plan by November. Your silence was deafening. You didn't do it, did you? I can see Captain Flakey has been at work. I didn't warn you about The Captain. It's my fault. I'll remedy that right now.

Step 1: Identify Captain Flakey

Now, a captain is usually a good thing. A great thing. Nice to have one. Nice to be one. Every now and then, however, a less wonderful captain shows up. He wears a cape emblazoned with a giant F. He is... Captain Flakey. If you're not careful, Captain Flakey will take over your life and destroy your dreams.

How do you identify him? First, he does not always appear kitted out with the cape. This is his fiendish strategy. Sometimes, he appears as a new person in your life. Sometimes, he infiltrates the brains of those you know. Sometimes, he even infiltrates the brain of someone you know very well indeed... YOU!

You can recognise him by his weapons:

  • The sword of Inertia: With this sword, he cuts off your ability to take even small steps forward. The sword of inertia creates a general 'not bovvered' ness that cripples your ability to make plans, or even comment on blogs. I see the Captain is working within you this month. I hope this post comes in time to save you all.
  • The Handcuffs of Inadequacy: These handcuffs have quite awesome power. They unleash the power of what I call 'aggressive apathy'. It is that sense that you must do something, but that you'll probably fail so it's best not to try. The turmoil is internal. You fight against the handcuffs, but only in your mind. You are chained to irritated inaction.
  • 'Yes' Repellent: The most potent of Captain Flakey's weapons is 'Yes' Repellent. If he sprays you with this, you will be incapable of positivity. Every opportunity will be met with a 'no'. Every good thing will create a level of suspicion so paralysing that you are left flailing in a pit of mediocrity while people walk by, shrug, and say: 'Oh. Captain Flakey got him. Shame'. 

Step 2: Defeat Captain Flakey 

Do not be at home to Captain Flakey! Punch him in his suspicions. Kick him in his indequacies.  LEAVE A COMMENT saying one way in which you plan to defeat Captain Flakey, RIGHT NOW. Commit it to the web. Say it loud. Say it proud. Say it now! What are you going to change? However small. What is your dream? However big. You have a right to state it, now.



Stop Hopping Around!

What is Your Plan?

It's October. It's nearly the end of October. You have the rest of this week to figure out what you're doing with your business.


At the end of this week is Halloween, after that - in the UK - you've got Guy Fawkes Night. In the USA, you have Thanksgiving. Then there's Christmas.

At what point do you plan to plan your plan for 2011 if you don't do it THIS WEEK???

Why You Can't Wait Until January 

November is the time of year when people let things slide. They're thinking about the holidays. They'll leave the business stuff until they make their resolutions in January.


Why? Because you're following this blog to find out how to keep calm and kick arse and a big part of the 'kicking arse' portion of that is to do with preparedness, resilience and resourcefulness. If you faff about now, you'll lose out in January. Take action, and you won't. 

First, read my last blog post and make some decisions about where you are right now.

Next, sketch out some ideas about where you'd like to go next.

Third, get on my list for updates about things to help you kick butt next year. There's some amazing opportunities just about to come up, and the people on my newsletter list will find out first.

Stop Faffing About!

The time is coming when you'll need to pick a box, and stick with it. This is your last week to faff about. 

Leave comments and tell me your thoughts. Is this something you've thought about? Have you noticed that others have a problems with it? Is it something you've noticed in yourself? Share your thoughts.



Sometimes... When you Get It Right... It hurts.

funny pictures of cats with captions

If you've been paying attention, particularly if you follow me elsewhere online, you'll know I made a prediction at the start of this year. You'll know that the prediction I made led me to set up this blog. I've been making predictions about businesses and culture all my life and, more often than not, they come true. 

Sometimes, when you get it right, it's glorious. 
Sometimes, when you get it right, it hurts.

At 14, I made my first big prediction that affected business. I wrote a speech about global warming (this was over 20 years ago), and the steps that needed to be taken to prevent it. That speech went on to become the basis for the environmental policy of a huge company. As a consequence, I ended up in the House of Commons a few years later, quizzing politicians - but that's a story for another day. 

In 1999, Google was a mis-spelling that had just written its first press release. I had just graduated. I opened a company, and started to blog. This was before 'blogging' was a concept.  Feedback was central to the sites we set up. The feedback form stated that we wanted to hear good and bad. I predicted the future of the web would be social, informal, and transparent. 

Why am I telling you this? 
  1. It's a good track record. Sometimes I get it wrong but usually my predictions are spot on. Most of my biggest mistakes have come from ignoring my predictions. Unfortunately, when you ignore stuff like this, it doesn't go away. It bites you on the butt because you're not prepared. If I have a hunch about something, particularly if I keep going on about it, it pays to listen, and prepare.
  2. Women have to shout louder about their accomplishments. A fact that, unfortunately, is also part of what I have to say next. .
It is Happening

I predicted this recession, and I made another prediction many months ago. It is happening now.

The UK government just announced the extent of the redundancies expected in the coming months. 500,000 in the public sector. 65% of the public sector employees are... female.

You might be thinking, 'well, I'm male and I don't work in the public sector, so I'm fine.' Wrong. For every job lost in the public sector, one is likely to be lost in the private sector. One million jobs in total... gone. One of them may be yours.

When Everyone Zigs, You Zag

My friend, Diane Hochman, is fond of saying that when everyone zigs, you should zag. It's true. Right now, everyone will be starting to panic. You're not going to do that though. You're going to prepare.

How to Prepare
  1. Grab a lever arch file and in large, friendly letters write the following on the spine: 'Operation Sh*tstorm'. You can take out the * if you like.
  2. Research all the government benefits you are entitled to if you lose your job. 
  3. Research the procedure within your organisation if you lose your job. Is there a decent redundancy package? Are you in a better position if you take voluntary redundancy? If you're in the private sector, has your company burned through its resources already? If so, you'll need to rely on the state redundancy package - which is likely to be smaller. Research how to apply for that. Send off for all the paperwork. 
  4. Get hold of paperwork for social housing, etc. Contact Pay Plan if you think there's a chance you'll default on payments to creditors. Get all the paperwork you could need in a worst case scenario. You might not need it, but if one million people suddenly lose their jobs, you will get stuck in a traffic jam of panic. Get the crappy tasks done now.
  5. Work out a budget. Get an absolutely accurate picture of your outgoings. 
  6. Put all the paperwork in the 'Operation Sh*tstorm' file. You have now dealt with it psychologically. The moment you hear that you've been made redundant, you can shrug, pull down the file, and take action. I did this. It works.
  7. Having prepared for the worst, you must now prepare for the best. That will take a change of mindset...
Forget finding another job. You don't even want to know what I predict for the job market next year. You don't want to be part of that nightmare. Instead, start preparing to become an entrepreneur now.

You may be thinking 'I work in the public sector. It's about as entrepreneurial as the House of Lords. How the heck do I become an entrepreneur?'  Don't worry. I can help with that. I'm writing a book at the moment, to help people who are made redundant due to these cuts. I'll let you know when it's ready. In the meantime, just start laying the groundwork so you can deal with redundancy if it hits you. You need that groundwork so you can keep calm and kick arse. The first part of the groundwork starts in your mind:

If you could have any kind of career, what would it be?

Feel free to let us all know in the comments section.


Alligetters with Crocodeals Need to Get Out of the Sales Swamp

demotivational posters - NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU KNOCK

Nobody wants to be THIS guy.

The cold blooded, cold-calling predator is a dinosaur. Just as crocodiles and alligators have remained unchanged since ancient times, so alligetters are stuck in a timewarp. A toxic swamp of entitlement.

Alligetters Don't Care

Alligetters are all about them. They don't care whether what they are offering is helpful to their prospect or not. All they care about is the sale.

Crocodeals Only Serve One Person

A crocodeal only serves the reptile selling it. They know the buttons to push to make you buy. There's nothing wrong with that. A good grasp of psychology is not a bad thing. The problem with the alligetter is that they push these buttons even when they know the product or service is wrong for you

Alligetters Are Cold-Blooded

Alligetters only ever go in cold. You are just a number to them. No matter how much you tell them their product won't work for you, they keep on pushing. People are getting bored of alligetters. If you are an alligetter, no matter how much you knock, nobody's ever going to let you in

Have a look at the things I promote (marked with 'promotion'). Do I tell you that you MUST buy them? No. Do I tell you what's wrong with them? Yes. You aren't just a sale to me. You are a person. To an alligetter though... you're the next kill.

How to Stop Being an Alligetter

Unlike alligators - who don't need to evolve - alligetters do, and can. There's no shame in having been an alligetter. It's how traditional businesses once taught people to sell. In fact, if you're aware enough to notice that swamp is getting toxic, and move out of it, it says great things about you. Here's how you can start to evolve:

  1. Leave comments on other people's blogs. Don't just passively consume content. Give something back. Become part of the conversation.
  2. Retweet good content on Twitter. Sharing information you find valuable helps both the creator of the information, and your followers.
  3. Use share buttons, like the ones below the comments on this post, to share information you find useful. If you can't find share buttons on a blog, just cut and paste the url, and tweet it out, or share on Facebook. If you need to shorten it, use a service like
  4. For extra bonus points, link to a good blog post written by someone else within a newsletter to your own list of subscribers.
  5. Find out what your prospects REALLY want. If you don't provide it, guide them to someone who does. You haven't lost the sale - you never had it - but you've helped out two other people at no cost to yourself.
  6. GIVE 15 TIMES MORE THAN YOU TAKE. Some months it will be closer to 10, or even 5, but keep the number 15 in your head and keep striving to give that much more than you take. 
  7. The idea of adding value isn't new. If you go through this blog, you'll find a video of Jim Rohn talking about it YEARS ago. Take action on this advice. Add value. If you do, you won't be a swamp dweller, you'll evolve into something much more approachable.
What are your thoughts on this? How do you feel about alligetters and crocodeals? Can you add anything else?

Leave a comment below (or click the speech bubble at the top right of the post to open the comment box if you've come here via the homepage).


Real World Stuff: Please Pray for My Dad †

Just for a moment, I need to go off-topic. My father recently had a life-saving operation. His recovery was going well, then this morning I received a call to say he'd been rushed into the operating theatre for an emergency operation.

If you are in any way religious, a prayer would be very welcome right now. If you are not, but would like to send positive thoughts or leave a comment, I'll pass those on to him when he is conscious.

Thank you.

Getting Things Will Not Make You Happy

(part 1 of 4 - the rest are on You Tube if you are interested)

Progress = happiness

How much have you progressed this year?

How much have you taken control of the progress you started when you set resolutions in January?

Do you have a VISION for what you really, truly want?

Are you excited by it?

What is it?


Jim Rohn - Bring Value to the Marketplace

This guy taught Tony Robbins. Watch this. My friend, Miriam Buhr drew my attention to it. It's a good vid. What are your thoughts? 

Can you relate to this or do you feel resistance? 

If you do feel resistance, does that tell you anything?


More Free Stuff!

I picked one of my first 100 followers earlier today and gave them a little gift - 6 times the number of blog followers they had this morning. Always nice to give something back.

By the way, thanks for the emails and messages about the podcasts. I'm glad you're finding them helpful, but don't be shy about commenting. It's not your fault if you've struggled with writing in the past. Sometimes you just get crummy teachers and it gets boring, or complicated. I'm happy to share this stuff with you so you can forget all that, and start to enjoy writing.

Comment here on the blog, under the podcasts. It's nice to let people know what you find useful, so they learn from it too. If you haven't checked out the podcasts in the 'Writing, for Non-Writers' series, have a listen and leave comments. They take a while to put together, so I'll take my lead from you. If you want free, professional advice on writing, let me know and I'll provide it. 

And finally... after I told you all about SocialOomph I checked to see how many of you were trying it out, and it's... loads!  Thrilled to have helped so many of you. Incidentally, nobody I've referred to this product has stopped using it - 100% approval rating is a pretty good reason to try it if you haven't so far. 

What I did notice though was that over 20 of you are using the most pared down version. That makes no sense to me, as you miss out on so many features. I was flummoxed, until I realised I hadn't made it clear that you can get the professional version for free!  Doh! All you have to do is click the link (I think it's on the front page when you go through) that tells you about the trial professional version. You're not locked in or anything. You can try it for free, and downgrade to the basic version again afterwards if you choose not to upgrade. Simple. Give it a go now: free upgrade

Any questions you have, feel free to leave them below. I don't think you can use the bulk upload function on the trial version, but if you upgrade and want to find out about using that, I have some great tips I'd be happy to share with you. Results vary, of course, but I've got SO many more followers, and saved so much time, thanks to that one function alone. 

Let me know your questions. Happy to help. 


P.S. If you can't be bothered with Twitter, but feel your business should be on it, or if you need some copy for your blog or site, send me an email through the 'work with me' section. Tell me what you need. I may be able to help. 


Writing for Non-Writers - Part 1: Planning (Free Training Podcast)

Click the 'play' button to hear a step-by-step podcast that will explain how to put together a plan. Anyone can do this. You can modify this plan for all kinds of writing, such as:
  • Blogging
  • Business writing
  • Academic writing
  • Novel writing
For professional writing services (copywriting, blogging, ghost writing etc) get in touch via the contact form


Twitter is Not a Social Network: Why Now is the Time to Upgrade to Social Oomph Professional

Backing up a bunch of studies over the last few months that have said the same thing, Kevin Thau, Twitter's VP for business and corporate development, announced this week that Twitter is not a social network.

Using your brain now, will put you ahead of the pack in a year.

Twitter is Now About News

Twitter is changing to become more of a real-time broadcast channel. People think they come to Twitter to chat, but if you look at the statistics of what they actually get up to, that's not what they do at all. They come to Twitter to research, and to share news. Look at the number of retweeted links if you need proof. 

Meanwhile, Facebook is trying to become about friendship again. That will force many of those businesses relying on Facebook for connections to focus their social media budgets on... Twitter. The strongest, most visible, Twitter users will do very well out of this. The others won't. Don't come crying to me in a few months time when we're all flying high and you've been left behind. The change is happening now, so now is the time to act. 

What Does This Mean for Your Time Off? 

Say goodbye to it. Twitter will become more and more about fewer and fewer people. If you are one of the people who adds the most value with your content now, you'll be way more significant in future. The future of twitter will be split between those who produce content, those who amplify it, and those who consume it. 

This is already the case, but it will get worse. To stay on top of the game, you need to blog, so you have original content to point people from Twitter towards. I'm putting together a free podcast series of writing tips for non-writers, so I can help with that.

The next thing you need to do is amplify other people's work. Manually, that's done through retweeting, but there are more effective ways. 

I recommend SocialOomph Professional for this. Even without making full use of all its functions, it has cut my work, increased my followers, and exploded my influence on Twitter. I don't know whether I'm typical or not - I can only speak of my own experience - but when I ran a test to see if downgrading to the free version had much effect, I lost influence quicker than a discredited politician. I moved THOUSANDS of places down the influence chart in only a few days.

I'm not worried though because, even though it'll take a little while, I know how to get it back. I'll upgrade to the professional version of SocialOomph again. It's the easiest thing to use, you can use it for automatically updating multiple blogs, all your social networks, multiple Twitter accounts etc, and all the content is yours. It's not some robot that spams out random content. It merely schedules what you put in. Every single tweet is YOUR tweet.

What to Do Now to Make Sure You Are Not Left Behind

Watch the vid I put together to see what it looks like and pick up the professional version to get the best, and fastest, results. If you want to try it out first, you can get the free (scaled down) version of the professional program through this link  The VERY BEST bits of the program are only available with the full professional version, but this gives a taste of some of the services you can use. I've introduced so many people to these tools now, and they continue to use them, month after month. I fund my use of them through My Likes so I get all the great functions for free anyhow. 

Let me know how you get on. If enough of you get the professional version through my affiliate links, I'm happy to put together training tips for you to get the best out of the tools. Oh... before I forget... that's another great reason to go for the profession version rather than the free one. If you use the professional version, you can get paid if you refer other people. And, trust me, you'll want to do that because it's too good to keep to yourself. 

Final point before I go. Customer service. The customer service is brilliant. The people behind this product really believe in it, and want to make your experience of it as special as they can. Aside from the basic looking format, there really isn't anything I can say against this product. 

Keep calm, and keep kicking arse!



Blogger Tip: How to Put Links in Blogger Comments

UPDATE: 16th of March 2013: OVER 300 COMMENTS!!!

Wow! Glad this has helped so many people. I spent so long trying to work this out for myself, that it made sense to share that solution with people, so that it would be easy for you all to do this. 

People have asked about people spamming. Yeah, there's been some spamming, but it hasn't been that bad. I'm giving you the opportunity to link to your stuff, so why not? Most people haven't abused that. I've deleted about 50 to 80 comments, I suppose, which isn't many really. 

If you are looking for ways to make some money online, but you're fearful of being scammed - which I know is a lot of people - I just came out with a new book to help with that. Check it out. Might help you: How to Choose the Right Network Marketing Company.

OK ... here's what you came here for ... link away!


You know when you try to leave a link in the comments section of Blogger blogs and it never links? There's a way around that. Don't abuse this, obviously, but this is such a handy little tip, particularly if you want to link to a particular post. 

First of all, make sure you are on the page for this particular post. Do that by clicking on the title above. Done that? Great! Now, if you look down, you'll see buttons so you can spread the love and share this with Blogger friends if you find it useful (they'll love you for it). Now, bookmark it so you can come back if you need to. You'll notice the URL is different. It's not - it'll have the title after it too. This is the kind of URL you need if you want to link to a particular post - whether on your blog or someone else's - in a comment. If you just link to the home page, the post you like may not be current.

Right, here's the clever bit. Pick the post you want to link to in a comment on someone's site, then type this into the comment box: 

<a href="">The Bexter Review</a> 

Simply replace the first red text with the URL of the post or blog you want to link to, and make the second URL the text you want to display. So that would show up as The Bexter Review in a comment, and would link back here. 


Try it out by commenting here.


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