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  1. Felt that my claims to being instrumental in the early development of the social web needed visual evidence (though I'm sure you believe me really) :)

    I searched for a social media guru famous for being a pioneer - especially in blogging - a decade ago. I picked the one with the highest profile for this. I then looked up what I was doing in the same year. Hopefully you will see that I was at least his equal at that time.

    I tried to do the same for but it was a roofing site back then. Some of the other sites won't load. There will be missing pics and dead links - this is neither my fault nor Mr Brogan's - the Wayback Machine isn't perfect. Also, don't try to email from these sites/blogs or sign up to newsletters.

    Let me know your thoughts. I'm happy to share stories of the very early social web. I blogged on humorous issues, celebrities, web development, and luxury products.

    2001: Chris Brogan
    2001: My efforts

  2. Typical! My link doesn't work. Ah well... try this one: Spoil Them Rotten - month before Mr B's from the look of it. Hope you enjoy the story of my skirt falling down in Pall Mall. V embarassing! :P


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