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If someone approached me and said they were about to start blogging, and they wanted a list of stuff that would help them to start blogging in the right way from the start, a FLIP camera would be on that list. These are really handy little cameras. They are great if you want to make videos in the 'wild'. 

For instance, if you are an entrepreneur - or plan to become one - you will spend a fair amount of time learning. If you are sufficiently entrepreneurial, you'll have all the ego you need to carry through your plans. Building up your ego need not be a priority. What you do need though is knowledge to back up the ego. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not using 'ego' here in the tabloid TV fashion. I'm being a grown-up. If someone has a healthy ego, that's a good thing. Only people with healthy egos ever lead. Only people with healthy egos ever invent anything, create anything, or speak about their vision for anything. To be anything other than a cog in the machine, you need a healthy ego. You also, however, need the humility to sit at the feet of those who came before you and cram as much information into your brain as you can. This involves conferences. It involves courses. It involves road trips, hotel/motel rooms, and time away from your desk. 

Take your community with you. With a Flip Ultra HD, you can communicate with blog followers from the conference, motel or 'greasy spoon' eatery. You can report from the scene. Video blogging (vlogging) from the conference while still buzzing from the talk you just witnessed, is more engaging than waiting until you get home.

Take a look.

Flip Ultra HD -
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