The Transparent Ceiling (and why Twitter will Fail when your Ego Grows)


  1. Intriguing and well argued, though I need to think about this for a bit longer. It would appear that twitter excludes us by the simple device of allowing all of us to feel included. Is it possible that those of us that are less confident, though no less intelligent compound the problem by clustering around the self assured?

  2. That's very possible, Caroline, but it may not actually be a problem. It's only a social problem because there are so few female-led flocks. If you're faced with the choice of being comfortable and happy (and feeling included) or being shunned and trolled while you make a shift (and feeling excluded) I think most would pick the former. The latter is very risky, and almost inevitably doomed to failure as a strategy.

    It's something I've been thinking about for ages, so I wanted to air it. Of course, if I were smarter I would have kept it to myself and used the 'you're doing it wrong' trick to make some cash, but I respect you all too much for that.

    I think it would be a very bad thing for Twitter if people stopped 'flocking' because that's the basis of Twitter. It was called that because of the charts of behaviour they observed (which mimicked starling flocks) rather than by the idea of 'tweets' or people chattering like birds. It's very beneficial to be in a flock. It's just flock manipulation that is a bit annoying. That's a different post though - I'll get to that another day.

    Thanks for the comment. Appreciated. Use Twitter how you like. There are norms, but there are very few rules. Do what makes you happy. :)



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