When to Shut Up and Listen

Ring any bells for you? What do you think?


  1. Had some audio issues with the last version of this, so I re-did it.

    Please feel free to comment here, everyone. I know brand new blogs are a bit scary to comment on or follow but you're brave tigers aren't you?

  2. I have always found it best to work on the principal of listening if i want to be heard,in a business meeting or a family sit down i find this is the best way to achieve my goals.

  3. That's interesting. I'm thinking of someone I've worked with often. He can sit in a board meeting and say nothing, while everyone else is babbling, but the moment he opens his mouth, everyone shuts up. He's quite softly spoken, actually, but people know he always comes up with the goods. It's based on a full understanding of all sides of the discussion. A good, and rare, skill. Thanks for commenting about that.


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