Tony Robbins Now Backs My Hunch

Realistically, you don't know me. I can tell you I helped pull two companies through the dot com crash, and helped build a PLC after it, and it doesn't mean anything. You see where I am now. Not rolling in cash. I need to remind you that is due to ill health and redundancy. It hasn't affected my business sense. I want to help you. The economy will go back down. You need to prepare.

When I started saying this, people didn't believe me. They are starting to now. I predicted the recession well ahead of time and took action on those things I could affect. I predicted the dot com bust. I predicted what is coming next. I hope I am wrong, but my track record is pretty good, so I advise you to listen. This is why I set up this blog. Go back to the first posts and listen. I said it there. Things will get worse in the US first, then here in the UK. It will be very hard for the UK, affected by both the US and Europe, and by policy changes. The economy is picking up here but next year will be hard. It will be especially hard for particular groups of people. If you are working in the public sector, start to educate yourself in entrepreneurship now. You'll need that knowledge.

You don't know me, but you know of this chap. He's now saying the same as me. Listen to him, and take appropriate action. Take action ahead of time. Don't react. When it happens, I'll put up advice on this blog. Let's hope I'm wrong, and that Tony Robbins is also wrong. Don't fret if we are right. There are always ways round and through these things. That's why I set this blog up. You need to be entrepreneurial to handle this. Be prepared. Get smart. Keep checking back here. When the proverbial hits the fan... keep calm and kick arse!


  1. Taking economic advice with a grain of salt and keeping an open mind are not always popular beliefs. People only want to hear things will be better with a few easy fixes.
    ~Keep Blogging

  2. I was right about the economy, but I was also right about keeping the right mindset. My financial situation is vastly improved since I wrote this post. This stuff works. If anyone stumbles upon this post in the archives and wants some help, email me (see Work With Me tab at the top for my email).


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