Getting Things Will Not Make You Happy

(part 1 of 4 - the rest are on You Tube if you are interested)

Progress = happiness

How much have you progressed this year?

How much have you taken control of the progress you started when you set resolutions in January?

Do you have a VISION for what you really, truly want?

Are you excited by it?

What is it?


Jim Rohn - Bring Value to the Marketplace

This guy taught Tony Robbins. Watch this. My friend, Miriam Buhr drew my attention to it. It's a good vid. What are your thoughts? 

Can you relate to this or do you feel resistance? 

If you do feel resistance, does that tell you anything?


More Free Stuff!

I picked one of my first 100 followers earlier today and gave them a little gift - 6 times the number of blog followers they had this morning. Always nice to give something back.

By the way, thanks for the emails and messages about the podcasts. I'm glad you're finding them helpful, but don't be shy about commenting. It's not your fault if you've struggled with writing in the past. Sometimes you just get crummy teachers and it gets boring, or complicated. I'm happy to share this stuff with you so you can forget all that, and start to enjoy writing.

Comment here on the blog, under the podcasts. It's nice to let people know what you find useful, so they learn from it too. If you haven't checked out the podcasts in the 'Writing, for Non-Writers' series, have a listen and leave comments. They take a while to put together, so I'll take my lead from you. If you want free, professional advice on writing, let me know and I'll provide it. 

And finally... after I told you all about SocialOomph I checked to see how many of you were trying it out, and it's... loads!  Thrilled to have helped so many of you. Incidentally, nobody I've referred to this product has stopped using it - 100% approval rating is a pretty good reason to try it if you haven't so far. 

What I did notice though was that over 20 of you are using the most pared down version. That makes no sense to me, as you miss out on so many features. I was flummoxed, until I realised I hadn't made it clear that you can get the professional version for free!  Doh! All you have to do is click the link (I think it's on the front page when you go through) that tells you about the trial professional version. You're not locked in or anything. You can try it for free, and downgrade to the basic version again afterwards if you choose not to upgrade. Simple. Give it a go now: free upgrade

Any questions you have, feel free to leave them below. I don't think you can use the bulk upload function on the trial version, but if you upgrade and want to find out about using that, I have some great tips I'd be happy to share with you. Results vary, of course, but I've got SO many more followers, and saved so much time, thanks to that one function alone. 

Let me know your questions. Happy to help. 


P.S. If you can't be bothered with Twitter, but feel your business should be on it, or if you need some copy for your blog or site, send me an email through the 'work with me' section. Tell me what you need. I may be able to help. 


Writing for Non-Writers - Part 1: Planning (Free Training Podcast)

Click the 'play' button to hear a step-by-step podcast that will explain how to put together a plan. Anyone can do this. You can modify this plan for all kinds of writing, such as:
  • Blogging
  • Business writing
  • Academic writing
  • Novel writing
For professional writing services (copywriting, blogging, ghost writing etc) get in touch via the contact form


Twitter is Not a Social Network: Why Now is the Time to Upgrade to Social Oomph Professional

Backing up a bunch of studies over the last few months that have said the same thing, Kevin Thau, Twitter's VP for business and corporate development, announced this week that Twitter is not a social network.

Using your brain now, will put you ahead of the pack in a year.

Twitter is Now About News

Twitter is changing to become more of a real-time broadcast channel. People think they come to Twitter to chat, but if you look at the statistics of what they actually get up to, that's not what they do at all. They come to Twitter to research, and to share news. Look at the number of retweeted links if you need proof. 

Meanwhile, Facebook is trying to become about friendship again. That will force many of those businesses relying on Facebook for connections to focus their social media budgets on... Twitter. The strongest, most visible, Twitter users will do very well out of this. The others won't. Don't come crying to me in a few months time when we're all flying high and you've been left behind. The change is happening now, so now is the time to act. 

What Does This Mean for Your Time Off? 

Say goodbye to it. Twitter will become more and more about fewer and fewer people. If you are one of the people who adds the most value with your content now, you'll be way more significant in future. The future of twitter will be split between those who produce content, those who amplify it, and those who consume it. 

This is already the case, but it will get worse. To stay on top of the game, you need to blog, so you have original content to point people from Twitter towards. I'm putting together a free podcast series of writing tips for non-writers, so I can help with that.

The next thing you need to do is amplify other people's work. Manually, that's done through retweeting, but there are more effective ways. 

I recommend SocialOomph Professional for this. Even without making full use of all its functions, it has cut my work, increased my followers, and exploded my influence on Twitter. I don't know whether I'm typical or not - I can only speak of my own experience - but when I ran a test to see if downgrading to the free version had much effect, I lost influence quicker than a discredited politician. I moved THOUSANDS of places down the influence chart in only a few days.

I'm not worried though because, even though it'll take a little while, I know how to get it back. I'll upgrade to the professional version of SocialOomph again. It's the easiest thing to use, you can use it for automatically updating multiple blogs, all your social networks, multiple Twitter accounts etc, and all the content is yours. It's not some robot that spams out random content. It merely schedules what you put in. Every single tweet is YOUR tweet.

What to Do Now to Make Sure You Are Not Left Behind

Watch the vid I put together to see what it looks like and pick up the professional version to get the best, and fastest, results. If you want to try it out first, you can get the free (scaled down) version of the professional program through this link bit.ly/2busy2tweet  The VERY BEST bits of the program are only available with the full professional version, but this gives a taste of some of the services you can use. I've introduced so many people to these tools now, and they continue to use them, month after month. I fund my use of them through My Likes so I get all the great functions for free anyhow. 

Let me know how you get on. If enough of you get the professional version through my affiliate links, I'm happy to put together training tips for you to get the best out of the tools. Oh... before I forget... that's another great reason to go for the profession version rather than the free one. If you use the professional version, you can get paid if you refer other people. And, trust me, you'll want to do that because it's too good to keep to yourself. 

Final point before I go. Customer service. The customer service is brilliant. The people behind this product really believe in it, and want to make your experience of it as special as they can. Aside from the basic looking format, there really isn't anything I can say against this product. 

Keep calm, and keep kicking arse!



Blogger Tip: How to Put Links in Blogger Comments

UPDATE: 16th of March 2013: OVER 300 COMMENTS!!!

Wow! Glad this has helped so many people. I spent so long trying to work this out for myself, that it made sense to share that solution with people, so that it would be easy for you all to do this. 

People have asked about people spamming. Yeah, there's been some spamming, but it hasn't been that bad. I'm giving you the opportunity to link to your stuff, so why not? Most people haven't abused that. I've deleted about 50 to 80 comments, I suppose, which isn't many really. 

If you are looking for ways to make some money online, but you're fearful of being scammed - which I know is a lot of people - I just came out with a new book to help with that. Check it out. Might help you: How to Choose the Right Network Marketing Company.

OK ... here's what you came here for ... link away!


You know when you try to leave a link in the comments section of Blogger blogs and it never links? There's a way around that. Don't abuse this, obviously, but this is such a handy little tip, particularly if you want to link to a particular post. 

First of all, make sure you are on the page for this particular post. Do that by clicking on the title above. Done that? Great! Now, if you look down, you'll see buttons so you can spread the love and share this with Blogger friends if you find it useful (they'll love you for it). Now, bookmark it so you can come back if you need to. You'll notice the URL is different. It's not http://thebexter.com - it'll have the title after it too. This is the kind of URL you need if you want to link to a particular post - whether on your blog or someone else's - in a comment. If you just link to the home page, the post you like may not be current.

Right, here's the clever bit. Pick the post you want to link to in a comment on someone's site, then type this into the comment box: 

<a href="http://thebexter.com">The Bexter Review</a> 

Simply replace the first red text with the URL of the post or blog you want to link to, and make the second URL the text you want to display. So that would show up as The Bexter Review in a comment, and would link back here. 


Try it out by commenting here.


P.S. If you want more free tips and training like this, put your details in the form in the sidebar. 

P.P.S. Leaving comments is a good way to direct traffic to your site - as long as you don't spam - but if you're not making the money you want, it could be that something as simple as your mindset is holding you back. Check out my interview with the legendary Ray Higdon on this. Could be a real game changer for you. The Mindset Behind the Magic: Money Acceptance.

P.P.P.S. If you're an aspiring author or entrepreneur, check out my main site: 

How to Make Money Online, and How to Get Writing Published

What a lot of emails! Thanks to all those who've emailed me. 

Most of the emails I've received have fallen into three categories:

  1. Can you write kick-ass copy for my business/blog? Is it affordable, and how can I hire you?
  2. How can I get my writing published?
  3. How can I make money online?

I have answers! Taking each question in turn:
  1. Yes I can. Yes it is. Use the contact form to send me some details of what you need, and what your budget is, and I'll be in touch. Here's a short piece I wrote for The Spectator's Arts and Culture blog: We Are the New History I can also advise on social media marketing and advertising opportunities. Let me know what you need.
  2. Huge question. Many answers. I can't answer you all back individually, as I'll end up covering loads of the same ground, but I'll be able to help you all out in a few months. I'm setting something up once my book comes out, to help other writers. It is unlikely to be launched before Christmas. Keep an eye on this blog, and I'll tell you the second it opens its doors. If you're already published, but you need help with promotion, get in touch and I'll point you in the right direction.
  3. There are two answers to that. Again, there's something - a different thing - coming out soon that will help you if you are REALLY serious about making money online, but the first step is to be passionate about something other than the money. This opportunity is for people who want to set up solid businesses (of any kind) that will grow. It's very affordable, but it's not available yet. I'll let you know when it is. Making a living online - rather than just a bit of cash - takes time and effort. Work on the thing you hope to make money from, and I'll let you know when this resource opens up for you.  Meanwhile, listen to the podcasts on this blog for business advice. I've been involved in online businesses since 1999, and the advice I give in these podcasts is free. If you just need a bit of cash, however, you can get that quite easily. I use Sponsored Tweets and My Likes

Please use the 'share' buttons to share this advice with others.

Rebecca xx


Are YOU Living Your Dream?

Hello to all new followers - check out the previous post for a podcast about being listed as a Blog of Note. So thrilled! I'd love to get to know you a bit better, so I wonder if you'd answer this question:

Are YOU living your dream? 

If not, what are you waiting for? The time will never be just right. What is your dream? Can you take steps towards it in your spare time? What can you do to make it come true? 

Dreaming is one thing, but if you want to live that dream, you need to wake up and take some action. I always dreamed of being a writer. My first novel - video above - will be published later this year. The poetry anthology below was published earlier this year. I've turned down traditional publishing in favour of being an authorpreneur - which is hard, but suits me better. What are you doing to reach your dreams?

Tell me what you have planned!

Hear me read the poem I wrote for
this anthology here

The Bexter Review is a Blog of Note!

Welcome to the blog everyone! Click the button above to listen to my audio about today's big news... I'm on Blogs of Note!!

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How I Became a Columnist, and How That Helps You

23rd November 2011: The magazine below didn't go into production in the end, but that led to something better. To get hold of the magazine for which I have been a columnist for the last year, click here.

Update: It all went a bit Pete Tong. Editor decided not to go ahead with magazine, however... I still think it rocks as an idea, and a bunch of chums want me to set up a magazine. If you do too, let me know over at my writing blog:

UPDATE!!! Feb 2011: I am a columnist in THE best selling writing magazine in the UK now - http://writingmagazine.withrebecca.com - something that would not have happened if Publish Now hadn't ceased to be. Strange how things work out for the best, eh?