Getting Things Will Not Make You Happy

(part 1 of 4 - the rest are on You Tube if you are interested)

Progress = happiness

How much have you progressed this year?

How much have you taken control of the progress you started when you set resolutions in January?

Do you have a VISION for what you really, truly want?

Are you excited by it?

What is it?


  1. So true - while taking time off work and developing my Australian travel blog, I've found that the mindless pursuit of 'things' is SO not on my radar any more! If you're doing something you really want to do, that makes its own reward!

    Happy travels!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Red Nomad OZ. If the focus of your endeavour is on doing what you love, and adding value to other people's lives, the 'things' take care of themselves in time. They're the happy side-effect of doing great things with your life. The secret is to keep progressing, keep growing, and keep enjoying the adventure. Looks like you're doing just that. :)

  3. Things in themselves will not make us happy. My husband and I have checked out of the rat race and much better for it. Congratulations for being a blog of note! Come visit me at my two blogs if you like. A Camp Host Housewife's Meandering: An RV Adventure and Levonne's Pretty Pics.

  4. Progress = happiness (= absolute truth)

    I have no work at the moment, and feel very sad!!!

    No money = no hapiness = no bread!!!

  5. Hi Kangal_Akin,

    Never despair! There are ways around that.

    Often, people have to scrabble away doing whatever work they can to bring in the pennies for rent, whilst working on their true dream. Many people do this, and move from one to the other when it's financially viable to do so.

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    Best of luck!



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