How I Became a Columnist, and How That Helps You

23rd November 2011: The magazine below didn't go into production in the end, but that led to something better. To get hold of the magazine for which I have been a columnist for the last year, click here.

Update: It all went a bit Pete Tong. Editor decided not to go ahead with magazine, however... I still think it rocks as an idea, and a bunch of chums want me to set up a magazine. If you do too, let me know over at my writing blog: 

UPDATE!!! Feb 2011: I am a columnist in THE best selling writing magazine in the UK now - - something that would not have happened if Publish Now hadn't ceased to be. Strange how things work out for the best, eh?


  1. Wait a minute... so you "made" your own magazine? LMAO. I think I love you. HIRE ME! Can I be your cartoonist?

  2. UPDATE. I'm a columnist again... this time for the BEST SELLING writing magazine in the UK!! I'll be their social media columnist for the rest of 2011. Total dream come true. SO glad that this magazine fell through or I wouldn't have got the ultimate dream word nerd gig!

  3. LOL! Just saw this post again. Classic example of things going SO right after they go wrong. I've been writing for Writing Magazine for over a year now and YES they're keeping me on next year. Utterly love it. Not an opportunity I would have had if this hadn't fallen through. What is there in your life that you look at as a failure that is actually a stepping stone to what you REALLY want?


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