Twitter is Not a Social Network: Why Now is the Time to Upgrade to Social Oomph Professional

Backing up a bunch of studies over the last few months that have said the same thing, Kevin Thau, Twitter's VP for business and corporate development, announced this week that Twitter is not a social network.

Using your brain now, will put you ahead of the pack in a year.

Twitter is Now About News

Twitter is changing to become more of a real-time broadcast channel. People think they come to Twitter to chat, but if you look at the statistics of what they actually get up to, that's not what they do at all. They come to Twitter to research, and to share news. Look at the number of retweeted links if you need proof. 

Meanwhile, Facebook is trying to become about friendship again. That will force many of those businesses relying on Facebook for connections to focus their social media budgets on... Twitter. The strongest, most visible, Twitter users will do very well out of this. The others won't. Don't come crying to me in a few months time when we're all flying high and you've been left behind. The change is happening now, so now is the time to act. 

What Does This Mean for Your Time Off? 

Say goodbye to it. Twitter will become more and more about fewer and fewer people. If you are one of the people who adds the most value with your content now, you'll be way more significant in future. The future of twitter will be split between those who produce content, those who amplify it, and those who consume it. 

This is already the case, but it will get worse. To stay on top of the game, you need to blog, so you have original content to point people from Twitter towards. I'm putting together a free podcast series of writing tips for non-writers, so I can help with that.

The next thing you need to do is amplify other people's work. Manually, that's done through retweeting, but there are more effective ways. 

I recommend SocialOomph Professional for this. Even without making full use of all its functions, it has cut my work, increased my followers, and exploded my influence on Twitter. I don't know whether I'm typical or not - I can only speak of my own experience - but when I ran a test to see if downgrading to the free version had much effect, I lost influence quicker than a discredited politician. I moved THOUSANDS of places down the influence chart in only a few days.

I'm not worried though because, even though it'll take a little while, I know how to get it back. I'll upgrade to the professional version of SocialOomph again. It's the easiest thing to use, you can use it for automatically updating multiple blogs, all your social networks, multiple Twitter accounts etc, and all the content is yours. It's not some robot that spams out random content. It merely schedules what you put in. Every single tweet is YOUR tweet.

What to Do Now to Make Sure You Are Not Left Behind

Watch the vid I put together to see what it looks like and pick up the professional version to get the best, and fastest, results. If you want to try it out first, you can get the free (scaled down) version of the professional program through this link  The VERY BEST bits of the program are only available with the full professional version, but this gives a taste of some of the services you can use. I've introduced so many people to these tools now, and they continue to use them, month after month. I fund my use of them through My Likes so I get all the great functions for free anyhow. 

Let me know how you get on. If enough of you get the professional version through my affiliate links, I'm happy to put together training tips for you to get the best out of the tools. Oh... before I forget... that's another great reason to go for the profession version rather than the free one. If you use the professional version, you can get paid if you refer other people. And, trust me, you'll want to do that because it's too good to keep to yourself. 

Final point before I go. Customer service. The customer service is brilliant. The people behind this product really believe in it, and want to make your experience of it as special as they can. Aside from the basic looking format, there really isn't anything I can say against this product. 

Keep calm, and keep kicking arse!



  1. just recently got into the twitter world will have to check out the other things you were mentioning after I get a bit more familiar with the tweet world.

    read down a few and a few interesting articles.

  2. Hi DanWins, look me up on Twitter. I'm @rebeccawoodhead - you'll find lots of interesting people to follow on this list:

    If I was starting on Twitter from scratch now, knowing what I know, I'd still get the professional version of those tools because it takes you international from day one. If you faff around in only your own time zone for too long it's harder to build influence.

    It depends what you're on twitter for. If you're just there to chat to a few friends, you don't need these tools. If you are there for business, to build influence, for SEO optimisation, marketing etc, then you do need them.

    They make scaling your business much easier. Taking care of 100 followers is a doddle, at 1,000 it becomes more time intensive. By 4,000 it's tricky. By 10,000 it is a nightmare. With the professional version of socialoomph, however, 10,000 people are as easy to serve as 100. They're happier too.

  3. I'm trying to separate myself from the chuckle-heads, not join the pack.

    Assets and liabilities, risk vs. reward

    If time is money, and it takes time to run twitter, and your attention, than it really isn't free. Unless it is helping you out in the business world, you're dumping money.

    I guess I'm asking, what are you trying to promote with twitter?

    Don't think I'm just antagonizing you. If you can change my mind I'll get twitter and slam dunk it.

    I just need more of a reason then, "You will be powerful on twitter." What will that power translate too? A weird online popularity contest? Wouldn't most of my twitter friends be friends with me on facebook anyway?

    Help me out here. Break it down for me barney style.

  4. Hi Jason. I don't work for Twitter so it's really not my place to 'sell' Twitter to you. It's totally your decision which social networks you use - if any.

    Twitter is fast. If you build an author platform on Twitter it grows faster than on Facebook or blogs. People then migrate from Twitter to other networks.

    If you want evidence for what it can do for business, consider the major companies now ditching their marketing budgets in favour of twitter budgets. Look at how much more money Dell has made since they began their Twitter strategy for instance.

    Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the vid in the bottom right corner. That should give you all the stats you need.

  5. Actually, Jason, I'm going to give you a bit more info that that because it's an interesting question. I'm a writer, so my focus was on building an author platform as quick as possible. Twitter 100% did that for me, and Social Oomph Professional ramped it up dramatically.

    However, the people who do best out of Twitter are the people who understand leverage.

    For instance, through online popularity tests, I got the attention of both national and international media. I was quoted in major publications, ended up published in a book, with another out in November. Both a direct result of Twitter. I was commissioned to do work for magazines, and even a publisher. I was given guest blogging opportunities, my search engine listings zoomed onto the front page, etc.

    The amount of work involved in securing any part of that list is immense. Even basic SEO costs a fortune. Figure that into a business plan and Twitter starts making a heck of a lot more sense. The ROI of Twitter is the same as the ROI on your phone - you get out what you put in.

  6. Nicely said Rebecca. Now, I will start using twitter. I had just started blogging though I am already well-versed with regards to SMM and SEO. I had used Twitter before for clients but that is it. I had not used it for personal consumption.

    I will try out some of your tips here.


  7. Hi Maloygwapo. Thanks. I've worked with internet companies since the 90s and this is the first time I've seen such amazing opportunities for people to get so much publicity.

    It's all changed since June this year - as you will obviously know being well-versed in SEO. Any strategy that a business has that pre-dates June 2010 is now defunct. People have to get way more productive and make far greater use of social networks - especially Twitter - now to get noticed by Google. The game's changed completely. Social Oomph Professional keeps it manageable and affordable for solopreneurs and small businesses.

  8. Rebecca,

    I like your take on things. I've been pushing off setting up our Twitter account because of a lot of the issues raised in this thread. Thanks for all the answers, I guess its time to start!

    Chicago's Best Guide and Blog

  9. Thanks for the heads up Rebecca.
    I just started doing SEO-related works last April this year. Just prove I still have a lot to learn.

  10. cool site, i love how diverse the topics are.

  11. Maloygwapo - this stuff changes all the time, so we all have to keep learning. Sometimes the changes are small, but this one's big. Make sure you find out about the changes that happened in June on Google - changed everything.

    Mike Fox and Mr Q - Glad you like the blog. :)


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