Writing for Non-Writers - Part 1: Planning (Free Training Podcast)

Click the 'play' button to hear a step-by-step podcast that will explain how to put together a plan. Anyone can do this. You can modify this plan for all kinds of writing, such as:
  • Blogging
  • Business writing
  • Academic writing
  • Novel writing
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  1. Guys... do you find this podcast useful? There haven't been any comments. I planned to put about 10 hours work into making a whole - free - podcast course for you on how to write, but if there's no interest in it, I'm wasting my time.

    Please comment and let me know if you want me to make a course covering:

    - Style and content
    - Tone
    - Editing
    - Voice

    etc - all suitable for non-writers. Thought it might be helpful. If not, let me know and I'll do something else.

  2. hi! just stopping by to say congrats on becoming a blog of note and please follow my blog if you want at...


  3. Jennifer: If only you'd spent a bit of time looking at the blog before plugging your own, you'd have found out how to hyperlink your blog ad. Thanks for the congrats though - always appreciated. :)

  4. ForeverAlone - Thanks for the comment. It'll be up in the next few days. ☺

  5. Hi Rebecca,
    Just found your blog the other an email about your podcast couple of days later...just listened to podcast #1...Fabulous!
    Can't listen to the second one right now...Off to draw a spidergram!

  6. Hi Natalie. So glad you found it useful. Have fun writing!

  7. Oh, Natalie, by the way, if you want to know how to hyperlink that URL in comments, check this out: Blogger Tip: How to Put Links in Blogger Comments

  8. Forever Alone, Part 2 is up now: ☛ How to Write a First Draft. Hope you find it helpful.

  9. This is fantastic! Thank you very much. Was a third of the way through writing a novel before hitting a brick wall several months ago (poor planning). This information has been a great help. Wish I had heard this back then. Will listen to this section again before moving onto the next. Thank you again.

  10. Hi, your podcast has some great advice on it. Can't wait to try it out. Hope you decide to do the whole course. Looking forward to it.

    Love the blog.

  11. Hi 'Just Me', thanks for the comment. I will do a whole course. My dad is just coming out of a coma at the moment so my schedule will be a bit off for a week or so, but the moment I get the chance, part 3 will be up! :)

  12. Best wishes to your dad. By all means take care of what you need to before worrying about blogging.

    Take care.


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