Stop Hopping Around!

What is Your Plan?

It's October. It's nearly the end of October. You have the rest of this week to figure out what you're doing with your business.


At the end of this week is Halloween, after that - in the UK - you've got Guy Fawkes Night. In the USA, you have Thanksgiving. Then there's Christmas.

At what point do you plan to plan your plan for 2011 if you don't do it THIS WEEK???

Why You Can't Wait Until January 

November is the time of year when people let things slide. They're thinking about the holidays. They'll leave the business stuff until they make their resolutions in January.


Why? Because you're following this blog to find out how to keep calm and kick arse and a big part of the 'kicking arse' portion of that is to do with preparedness, resilience and resourcefulness. If you faff about now, you'll lose out in January. Take action, and you won't. 

First, read my last blog post and make some decisions about where you are right now.

Next, sketch out some ideas about where you'd like to go next.

Third, get on my list for updates about things to help you kick butt next year. There's some amazing opportunities just about to come up, and the people on my newsletter list will find out first.

Stop Faffing About!

The time is coming when you'll need to pick a box, and stick with it. This is your last week to faff about. 

Leave comments and tell me your thoughts. Is this something you've thought about? Have you noticed that others have a problems with it? Is it something you've noticed in yourself? Share your thoughts.



  1. Okay, Okay...I'll commit already!! My memoir will be finished by Dec 31st 2011. *sticks out tongue in defiance*
    As proof of said intent, I shall add a post once a week that specifically relates to the
    'strange yet true' events that characterise my life (I have AT LEAST 52 of them)So Rebecca....watch this space!!

  2. LOL! I will watch this space and if, on 1st January, I don't see another comment telling me that you finished your memoir, I'll know Captain Flakey got to you! :o)


I appreciate your comments. :)