The Economy is Broken - in the Same Way That a Butterfly is a Broken Caterpillar

A few months ago, I was approached by a magazine and asked for a quote about the idea of 'Broken Britain' - which is a phrase that comes up in tabloid headlines often. My response was:

Britain is broken, in the same way that a butterfly is a broken caterpillar.

I changed the metaphor recently, and put the words in the title to this post on my Facebook welcome page. The economy is not broken. It has changed. It has metamorphosized. It's different now. If you keep trying to put the caterpillar back together, you'll fail. It has flown.

It is simply untrue to claim that nobody is making money. Plenty are making money, but they are not necessarily the big businesses. They are micro-businesses, or networks of micro-businesses, or MLMs.

One example of this is a friend of mine, Mark Tetzner.

Mark is a profoundly successful and wealthy man, has trained some of Jonathan Budd's elite clients, and has now been joined by one of Tony Robbins' coaching team.

He was NOT anything like this wealthy in the boom. He has made his fortune during the recession and he is helping others to do the same.

Mark's mentor rose from living in a trailer to being a millionaire. This is him with Jonathan Budd, playing with their cameras:

The story of Mark's mentor - also called Mark (Hoverson) - is truly inspiring, and the impact that his earnings and lifestyle have had on his family is moving. I might post a video about that in future. Right now though, I want to talk about Mark Tetzner, rather than his mentor, for a number of reasons:
  1. Mark is a sweetheart. 
  2. He has a great backstory
  3. You see people every day claiming to have risen from the depths of some calamity to the heights of greatness, and it's hard to believe, but I WATCHED HIM DO THIS. I'll explain the story below, but it's quite remarkable. It has taken him no time at all. He has done this in the time I've known him (a little over a year and half) and he's been the same person through the whole experience.
Mark is a cheeky, German guy living in Mexico and I became captivated by his story when I found him through (I'm not even kidding) searching for Mexican Swine Flu!

Okay... here's the story... Pig Plague, as I called it, had hit the UK and everyone was freaking out, so I searched online for information about it. Looking through all the medical stuff on Google, I saw a blog from a person actually IN Mexico. I'm a writer. Writer's are SO nosy. I wanted to know how someone could handle being in the middle of that giant firestorm, so I clicked.

Now... let's be clear how much of a firestorm this was:
  1. There was a recession
  2. He wanted to work in the tourism industry
  3. The whole industry had just ground to a halt because of a global pandemic
  4. He lived in the CENTRE of the pandemic!!
This was too much for my writerly brain to take on board. Surely, he'd give up on the idea of tourism. Surely, he'd move out of Mexico and back to Germany. There's NO WAY he could do anything but fail. And yet... he didn't fail.

As I watched, transfixed, he picked himself up and started walking. He stepped immediately into the shoes of a leader. THE GUY HAS NOT CHANGED. He's the same as he was then. He had the right mindset from the word 'go'. Here's what his mentor (the chap in the pics above) had to say about him, shortly after they started working together.

What's great about this story is that Mark has not only pulled himself up from an unimaginably difficult situation to a complete success in only a few months, but that he's doing the same for others too. I should imagine having a mentor who seems to be coated with some kind of recession-teflon is pretty comforting right now! He is a highly sought after coach. People pay Mark $500+ an hour for advice on how to do what he has done in their own businesses, but he gives this teaching to members of his team absolutely free.

Here he is talking to a team member who was previously a coach for Tony Robbins.

If you're jumping up and down saying 'what is this business?' There's a bit of info underneath. You know how reluctant I am to recommend anything, but I'm recommending you give this some serious thought, because I've been watching it, and Mark, for many months. It seems like a great business opportunity. Obviously, the fact that they're involved with Stephen Fry's old school piqued my interest too. Think that would be a cool place to stay. 

Like with any business, what you get out depends on what you put in, so I'm not claiming you'll be a millionaire within a year because, clearly, if you sit on your butt watching TV and wishing for cash to manifest itself, nothing will happen. This looks good to me. Really good. If you're prepared to kick Captain Flakey in the pants, and step up, you could have a new business for the new year. How cool is that?

The video below explains a lot, but I recommend having a chat with Mark himself. He won't hard sell you or anything. He's a good guy. But I know they have an AWESOME (no exaggeration) offer on at the moment, so go to Facebook, and post this on his wall: English Rebecca said you had an awesome offer (in a German accent). What is it? and he'll fill you in. It's pretty fabulous. 

Hope you found this interesting, and I hope you take the opportunity to chat to Mark and find out more about his story. Do it now! Mark on Facebook.

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