Ready for Christmas?

How's every little thing? 

Ready for Crimble? Got your lights up yet? We put up our Christmas tree today and I filmed the process time-lapse stylee. Hubby has forbidden the uploading of this to the web, or I'd share it with you. The funniest thing ever. 

The thing I noticed when I played it back, however, was how organised it all looked. We were squabbling about what should go where all the way through, but when you saw it speeded up, it looked planned. It reminded me of what you see with an ant colony. We assume insects that work in groups are very organised, but maybe they all squabble as much as we do. The overall pattern that emerges is what matters.

I want to share this video with you, because it shows how amazingly well people can work as a team, when we just stop over-thinking every last thing. Enjoy it.

How could you use this in your business? What about over the festive period? People get in such a state about how to make Christmas work every year, and yet... somehow... every year a turkey makes it to a table, people open presents, someone has too much egg noggy goodness, or chocolate, or rum. It happens every year. What if you just assumed you could all work together and make it work this year. It's not like you don't have YEARS of experience, is it? Why not just chill out this year, and let the chips (and mince pies) fall where they may? 

If you need some festive funds, I may be able to help:

Let me know how you get on, and please leave a comment below. I love it when you leave your thoughts. :) 


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