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Hi Everyone,

Sorry I've been away for a while. Been a bit busy since my book launch, but now I'm back on schedule and I want to give you more of what you've been asking for: deals, tips and free stuff! Now ... some people might say: 'No. Toughen up. Pay through the nose.' Personally, I think you're probably not having the best of fun with the economy at the moment. Even if you've managed to hold onto your job, or build a new business, the rise in taxes, fuel prices, and energy bills are all probably annoying you just a tad, so if I can help put a smile on your face and keep some pennies in your pockets, I'm happy to do so.

To that end, you'll notice I now have an opt-in form on the right. If you put your details in, you'll get free stuff immediately (a Facebook training course from my tech partner, and former Tony Robbins trainer, Michael Price) and then you'll go onto an exclusive list of people to whom I will send the best deals that come my way.

Now ... I'm pretty well hooked up on the deals and business tips front. This is The Bexter Review, after all, and I wouldn't have called it that if I wasn't in the position to review cool things for you. I'm the kind of person who can show you where to get an actual robot for your home at an affordable price! Now, the thing with these deals (from Groupon and elsewhere) is that they're nearly all very limited time offers (by the time you read this, that deal may be over). Some of them are 90% off, so there's no way that the companies could offer them for longer than a day or so. That's where I'm handy. I get to find out about them before other people, which means YOU get to find out about them before other people, if you keep an eye on the blog and subscribe to my list.

I'm going to bring you some more audio training too. Why? Because I'm fed up of watching people struggle when they could be kicking arse! Leave me a comment and let me know what kinds of deals you'd like to hear about and what kinds of business things you like to learn (marketing funnels, social media, start ups, planning, writing, etc).

UPDATE: Tony Robbins - one of my fave followers on Twitter - retweeted me today. I'm going to see that as a sign that I'm doing the right thing.  :)

If you want to follow me on Twitter, by the way, I'm @rebeccawoodhead

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