Entrepreneur Training and Free Stuff

Don't you just flipping LOVE training? I'm such a nerd. I love soaking up info and turning it into wisdom. It's amazing how much of it you can pick up online absolutely free, too.

Now, my mission with this blog was and is to help people live awesome lives DESPITE the economy, so I love bringing you stuff that's clearly underpriced or even free. It's also important to me that I do due diligence on what I bring to you so that you can trust it. On that score, I've placed another small order with Groupon to see if they come up trumps this time. If they do ... I'll reinstate the banner. I've got my eye on them for you.

Anyhow ... free stuff. Not only have I recently found a STACK of free stuff to give you, but I've decided to make some of my own. I'm going to give away a course on Google+. Now, just to put this in perspective, I'm currently (statistically) the most influential person in England on Google+ so this is valuable training. I want to give it to you for free though because the news is full of s*** and you could do with a break. It's not your fault that the economy's falling to bits, so I don't see why you shouldn't have some cool free stuff to help you turn your own situation around a bit. Sound good?

Leave comments and let me know if there's anything particular you want to know. I'm just doing the final edits to the video course and I might still be able to put in some answers to those questions. Ask away!!


  1. I'm a total nerd for learning too so I look forward to anything you decide to share .. putting what I learn into practice is a whole different ball game tho'!

  2. LOL! I hear that! Mind you, I've noticed that the more inspired I am, the more likely I am to take action. I grab as much training as I can (some for free and some that I pay for) because it's almost impossible to work out where the next 'a-ha!' moment is going to come from.

    I just sniff out all the good stuff and then devour it. I'm like the nerd version of a truffling pig. :o)

    Over the last couple of months, though, I've been a bit selfish about sharing what I've found, so I'm going to fix that for the rest of the year. Prepare to share nerd truffles. I've found loads of free ones, too, so you're all going to love me. Keep an eye on the blog, and some of the stuff will only go to subscribers, so pop your name and email into the opt-in box if you want the special secret stuff.


I appreciate your comments. :)