How to Create a HAPPY PEOPLE Marketing Funnel

I've mentioned Diane Hochman's 4 C's of marketing before:
I've been having a discussion about this on Google+ and I came up with a practical example I thought I'd cut and paste here. 
I'll give you a practical example of a marketing funnel in action, in case anyone is still scratching their head:

The other day, I took my husband on a tour of a brewery. He's a fan of real ale, so we went to a traditional place that brews the stuff. Here's how the funnel worked:

1/ They put an offer on Groupon. Now ... this is important ... how much money do you think they made from that? The answer is not much. They may even have made no money, or come in at a loss. Companies that don't 'get' marketing funnels, run to the papers and complain about Groupon because of this. I complain about them for different reasons (where's my delivery???) but on this front, Groupon's on the money. This is the way to start a funnel. You give something of great value away for nothing. It's what I do with my newsletter. Sign up and you get a bestselling book. Read the newsletter and you get loads of free audios, videos, etc.

I've done the same here. This information would take you forever to find if you didn't know where to look. Meanwhile, it would cost you a fortune in failed attempts. I've given it to you free. Some of you will end up doing business with me. I'm not bothered which. Others of you won't. Not fussed. The fact that I'm not fussed means that you're welcome to have bunches of free stuff from me without feeling guilty. It also means that the people who 'get' that I'm not out to screw anyone out of their money, and that I'd expect the people who join my team to have a similar kind of mindset, will want to work with me. That means I'll only end up working with cool people, who want to take responsibility for building their businesses and helping others, rather than whiny shmirpetty desk puppets who want to pull people down and pee on people's posts. That makes me happy. :)

This company put the offer to do business with them at a loss to themselves out to endless people. Some took the offer. Some skipped it. They didn't care which, and they didn't attack people in the streets telling them to buy their coupons.

2/ When we arrived, we were already ready to be sold to. We had bought the coupon, which put us into the funnel, and a little way down. We were on their mailing list and we'd made a small purchase. They'd collected us on Groupon, captured our details when we picked up the coupon,communicated with us through the newsletter, and after closing us on a loss-leader, were now about to close us on something bigger. Was my husband cross about any of this? NO!!! From the moment he got a whiff of the first hop, he was ready to close himself.

3/ We were greeted by someone who was as cheeky as their website. The message to market match was perfect and the message was consistent. My husband then did the thing we'd paid for. He went through a marketing funnel. That was it. That was the big treat - being put through a marketing funnel. It's called a 'funded proposal' by the way. You get paid to get paid. This is so genius, I can't tell you. First, the people on the tour were greeted, then walked through the gift shop - where they weren't allowed to stop, but they got sight of lots of lovely things - to a private pub ( collect )where they were given half a pint of whichever ale appealed to them to get them on board with what was coming next ( capture ) . Greet, tempt, give them some of what they want. Genius. Then they went on the tour, which was basically just a corporate presentation ( communicate). Here's what we do. Here's why it's great. Here's why you should buy it. They then went back to the pub for an ale testing session. Instead of spitting it out though - like with wine testing - they drank it. GENIUS! Now, they're trying all the products, AND they're getting drunk. Finally, they had to walk through the gift shop to get out ( close ). They were left to close themselves, and the social proof (people all buying different things) triggered them to upsell themselves beyond an ale to a top, to a tankard. How much of the gift shop was left standing by the time they left? My husband has every kind of merchandise imaginable. He hasn't stopped talking about the place since we left. He's switched brands of ale, because that one tastes better now that he knows how it's made. GEEEEENIUSSSS!

Do this. Make money. Thank me. :)


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  1. What a great analogy Rebecca! A great example of a funded proposal. Makes it easy to understand! Thanks for illustrating this for us! and thanks for the great post!

  2. Awesome post Rebecca. I wonder why a marketing funnel seems so much more appealing when beer is involved:)

  3. Great post Rebecca:)

    I don't think people spend enough time in creating happy people! (particularly in the UK where so many people are miserable and moan a lot!!).

    By having happy customers you're save a fortune on customer service not to mention happy people will recommend you, repeat business etc.

  4. Great job Rebecca! I love the example/analogy you gave, it really makes it hit home!

  5. Rebecca, what a great post, I was absolutely riveted on the words and actually got quite frustrated when in point 1 you started talking about funnels instead of continuing on about the ale, which I was really interested to hear what happened with your husband at the brewery.

    Great post about keeping people happy because as Lilach says, here in the UK there are a lot of miserable people and who would want to spend time with a load of miserable people anyway! Life is meant to be enjoyed!

    Keep moving forward.


  6. Love the way you write Rebecca, that is the difference between a writer and the rest of us. What you shared was a great example of a perfect marketing funnel, and that is one that a prospect is indeed happy to be going through.



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