What Steve Jobs Left for You

This month, we lost Steve Jobs or - to be accurate - he died. We didn't actually 'lose' him at all, thanks to video and audio. Just as we still have the wisdom of Jim Rohn through video and audio, we still have Steve Jobs.

Don't ever make the mistake of assuming you know everything. You don't. You can, however, LEARN anything. Don't be too proud to learn from others who've accomplished more than you. Whatever your view on Apple (not an Apple user myself) Steve Jobs changed culture. You can learn from him. Whatever your view on Jim Rohn, he changed culture. You can learn from him. Whatever your view on Tony Robbins, or Frank Kern, or Diane Hochman or Ray Higdon, or David Wood, they are changing the industry. You can learn from them. Why not do that?
  • 'One of the hardest things, when you're trying to effect change is that people like this gentleman [critics] are right, in some areas but ... ' to paraphrase ... can they scale it? Can you scale that criticism into a bigger business than the one you're criticising? Can you scale the wisdom you see or read into greater wisdom? Don't get so caught up in the dubious 'power' of tearing down others that you forget to create real power. If you're so much better than everyone else, prove it. Leave the company you're criticising. Do your own thing and make it better. Alternatively, stop trying to reinvent the wheel and look at those who came before. What did they do that made them valuable enough to the market (a.k.a. 'people') to become millionaires? Could you do the same thing? Are you using blame or criticism to validate your lack of courage, or even ... laziness? How do you think that will serve you, your family and your community in the long term?
  • You can't start with the technology and try to push it on the customer. ALWAYS start with the customer. The way this applies to any network marketing company - or any business - is that you need to meet the customer where they are and give them what they want, not try to sell them what you have. If you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Avoid that. If people are looking for training, lead with training and leave your main business until a later stage. Some will buy or join you, some won't. So what? SERVE first. It's not all about you, it's all about the potential customer/client. If you're talking to someone who wants to learn how to make a business in a non-stuffy way, send them to this presentation or something similar. It's real information. It's true. It's valuable, and it's free. It's a gift. If you want them to go through your marketing funnel, follow your nose when you get to that presentation and you'll find out how to set it up for yourself. Crucially, it won't be you who 'puts' them through it. That's down to them. The whole process is their choice, not yours.
  • 'Some mistakes will be made along the way. THAT'S GOOD because at least some decisions are being made along the way.' Make decisions, make mistakes, make alterations, make the money and time to make even better ideas and better decisions.

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