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The Poetry of Potential

I was thinking today about the immense power there is in potential, if it is only unleashed. 

I see some people unleashing that power and striding forward in the most beautiful and inspiring ways, but there are others with just the same potential who never act on it.

As I was mulling over this, a poem came into my head. It took about five minutes to write but people seem to like it, so I thought I'd share it here.

You know you have potential, don't you? You know you do. Just act on it, and see how the future unfolds for you.

Melody of Life

There's more power than you know,
In potential that you feel.

In your heart you'll find your truth,
It's your task to make that real.

There's a vision that you see,
Through your own unconscious mind.

But it simply will not be,
If your consciousness is blind.

So, your choice with every day,
As the seasons move along

Is to find a better way
To sing out your lifetime's song.

There is nobody alive
Who has quite the voice you do.

But bright harmonies will rise,
When it's shared with someone new.

If you keep your voice so small
That nobody ever hears,

Then your song will stay unsung,
As the months become the years.

And as decades string along,
And your dreams are memory

You will think of every song,
And this warning shared by me.

Only you can choose to shine,
Or to hide your light from all.

Only you can choose to rise.
Only you can choose to fall.

by Rebecca Woodhead