You Are So Great

You are. Just as you are. 

Forget the buzz words and phrases for a second. Let's just chat.

Only you know everything that you've been through to bring you to where you are now. I should imagine that it hasn't been a picnic. You may have gone through disappointments and faced situations where people made judgements about you that were not only unfair, they were plain wrong or mean.

There have been times that you've reached for a goal and not quite got there. You may not even be able to forgive yourself for that. You may not have realised until just now that you haven't forgiven yourself. Forgive yourself. Forgive anyone else you need to forgive to move on. 

Whatever your disappointments in the past. It's all behind you now. This moment is a fresh page, and you can write your future on it in whichever way you choose.

Here are some things to bear in mind. If you've struggled, but you're still here, on a blog like this, learning:

  • You know how to handle failure, pick yourself up and start again. You're brave.
  • You have confidence. Not everyone would pick themselves up. You have.
  • You have vision. You could see there was a better future for you, and that is why you are researching what is available, and learning all you can.
If you have courage, confidence and vision, you have all you need to be a leader. That's why I think you are so great. Get out there and lead. 


  1. What a beautiful post Rebbeca, courage, confidence and vision, I like that. Take care.

  2. Right ON!

    Thanks for your leadership and inspiration Rebecca!

    All your fans love you!

    With much gratitude,


  3. Great inspiration Rebecca! You are great just the way you are too ;)

  4. Thanks for my daily dose of inspiration Rebecca.

  5. I love you guys! :)

    Thanks for the wonderful comments.

  6. What a beautifully inspirational post Rebecca:) Thanks so much:)

  7. I love your post a bunch, but most of all I love you, because you are an Inspirational Joy! {Hugs}

  8. Thanks, Lilach. :)

    ((((Hugs)))) Marilyn. :)

  9. Not much left to say that wasn't already said except Thank you! Blog posts like these are a welcomed change from all the busy-ness we find ourselves in everyday! You're the best!

  10. It's posts like this, ones that put the wind beneath our wings, that give us the strength to reach for those lofty goals, and push ourselves when the motivation needs a boost...these are the posts worth bookmarking and reflecting on when our focus needs an adjustment.

    I sure appreciate your blog, Rebecca.

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  12. what a great post, everybody needs some pick-me-up encouragement sometimes, really lovely of you to make such a special post!:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  13. Thanks you so much for this post I like it..


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