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Social Oomph

This is such a handy bit of kit. I would recommend this to anyone on social networks. If you are new to places like Twitter, it can help you to find interesting people to follow, and to grow your followers. Even though that was not my reason for using Social Oomph, it was a nice bonus when my followers doubled in a month. If you have multiple accounts on Twitter, or if you are on a number of different social networks, or have multiple blogs, it gives you back hours of time every day. Crucial if you are in business.

The real benefit is to those who spend the most time online. If you have many thousands of followers, you will not believe how these tools change your life. No exaggeration. I made a funny vid about it, but everything I say in the vid is true. If you are the only person micro-blogging for your business, and your customers are in different time zones, this will give you back the gift of sleep without annoying anyone. The response of my followers since I started using these tools has been way more positive that I would have expected. The professional version is 100 times better than the free one but I'd still recommend trying the free version out, as it has many useful features and you never have to upgrade if you don't want to. You can try out the professional version for a few days for free, but not all the goodies are included and, to be honest, the best tools are kept back for the full version.
Try profession version FREE
The people behind Social Oomph really care about their customers, and the networks they serve. There's a strong drive from them to make sure that people use these tools in a way that is beneficial to the online community, and they always work within the guidelines imposed by Twitter, for instance.

I'm trying to think of something negative to say about this product but I can't think of anything. The free version is great, the professional version is amazing. The pricing is very reasonable. In fact, the only thing I can think of that's not positive is that the interface could be a bit prettier. Bit of a girlie reason that, sorry, but it's my only complaint. Social Oomph ROCKS! Click the banner for the free version.

My Likes

An easy way to make money on Twitter, and recommend things to friends. My Likes pays for my Social Oomph professional account. I get all the great benefits of the professional version for free, all for putting out only one tweet a day!

How does it work? First, you find things you genuinely like and would like to share with friends. For example, I've told people about free iPad giveaways, 70% off top designer shoes, exclusive luxury vacation offers, custom fonts for blogs; templates; hosting, etc. - things I'd be interested to find out about, or that my followers have said they like or need. You write a tweet about the product, and say when you'd like it to be tweeted. At the appointed time, it goes out. People click on it. You get paid.

It is the easiest money ever, and it's actually good fun to do. If you don't need the cash, but want to help a charity, with only one tweet a day you can do just that. It is easy to set your account so all your earnings go to charity. Brilliant!

It was set up by some former Google employees, and my experience of their customer service has been really good. They reply to emails promptly, and are more professional and well organised than any other organisation of this type that I've encountered. They pay every Friday. Unlike their competitors, you don't need to earn $50 before they pay out. For them, it's only $2! Check it out and see what you think:

Sponsored Tweets

SponsoredTweets referral badge

I hadn't planned to promote Sponsored Tweets on this blog as I had an issue with them being one of the services with the $50 limit on payouts, however... we lobbied them, and they changed it. You can now cash out sooner if you pay $2. It isn't an ideal scenario, but if you use both Sponsored Tweets and MyLikes you get, in my experience, the best calibre of advertisers. I cannot move for offers. Obviously, mileage varies. If you have a very small account it will take a while to build up to this. For me, in the early days of using this service, I rarely got offers. After months of proving my value to advertisers and providing really effective returns on their investment (I only ever promote things I am compelled to promote - things I would use, or I strongly feel my community would benefit from - so click rates and conversion rates are high) they want my help. I have advertisers who come back to me again and again. Some only ever advertise with me. Big names too.

The big benefit to Sponsored Tweets is that you can offer your services easily through them. For instance, if you wanted me to promote your product or service, you need only click this banner and fill in the details:
SponsoredTweets hire me badge
 If it looks like something my community would like, I'll phrase it in my own words and tweet it. Clients can choose to approve tweets, but most of the time the people who advertise with me set it to auto-accept. I'm curious about their conversion rates now. That's a high rate of trust. They must be doing well out of me, eh?  :)

I think the rule with clients is the same as the rule with followers. You've got to be honest, and do your best for them. If you pick products and services that best match your followers, you're serving both your community and your clients in the best way. Companies also get to know you if you are consistent, and they send things that are more and more relevant. They know my followers love gadgets, e-readers, entrepreneurial stuff and writerly stuff, so they send me special offers for these. Sometimes, I'm the only person to get these special offers, so that's a clear benefit to my followers - nobody gets these offers but my followers!

The key here, is not to do it for the money. If you do it primarily for the money, you'll take anything. You need to be prepared to turn down money when the product or service isn't right. It hurts, but it works so much better long term. I receive thanks from people often for all the products listed on this page. When you are being thanked for advertising to someone, you're doing something right. When you are doing something right, the money comes.

My professional version of SocialOomph is fully funded through MyLikes and Sponsored Tweets with enough left over to feed the publishing fund for my novel. I'm happy with that.

SponsoredTweets referral badge  

If you have any questions about MyLikes and Sponsored Tweets , or the professional version of Social Oomph , and you joined through one of my affiliate links, send me an email (Work With Me tab) and I'll do my best to help. If you've got more general questions about how any of these might work for you, leave a comment below.


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