Unbeatable Lead Generation

Attraction Marketing System

This is the best kept secret of network marketing. All the big hitters I know use this. It's almost too awesome for me to describe what it does, so just scoot along and see it. If you want to sample some free training from there, have a look at this. LEGENDARY! If you're serious about making money, get on the 14 day trial and test this baby out. While you're on the trial, grab as much of this training as you can. It's all included when you're in. Get it. The training is UNBEATABLE. You can thank me later. You're going to love me so much for this. :)

Golden Opportunity from Numis Network - Now Also in the UK 

What Do You Turn to When the Economy Falls Apart? Gold and Silver. Look through the history books and that's what's always happened. Now is no exception. I highly recommend this company. If you go in as a business, rather than just a customer, your autoship has a 5 year money back guarantee on it!!! Do you know any other company who could do that? Fruity juices and cosmetics go off after a few months. Silver doesn't, but even if the market drops, you're covered.

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Word Nerd Gift Shop

I set up this shop for word nerds. A word nerd is a person who LOVES words. Many thousands of the people who follow me online are self-confessed word nerds. They range from best-selling authors to people who write haiku poems about pubs - and only about pubs. Some of them are students. Some are business people. Some are mothers. Some are in love with novels, others are in love with business writing. Others nerd out listening to lyrics, or reading blogs. Others only dream of writing, but love books or scrabble, or rugby songs.

What kind of word nerd are you? Check out my special gifts for word nerds. The words are mine, and my husband drew the word nerd picture. Team work. You've gotta love that.  :)

Social Oomph

The professional version of this is a hundred times better than the free one. If you click the banner you can try out the free version if you like - you can even take a trial of some of the functions in the professional one - but if you get the full version, trust me, you won't go back. My earnings from MyLikes (see square banner in sidebar) more than cover the costs of the professional version. For a review, see the
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E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery

REALLY easy  and very inexpensive way to sell things online. Highly recommended.


I recommended this for many months, so I'm putting it here in case you arrived from an early post. The deals are amazing but, since around May or June, I've found both delivery and customer service to be so far below par that I'm no longer even putting around my affiliate link, but you know who Groupon is so, here's my review ... you get what you pay for. Until they return to their former brilliance, they only get this for the amazing bargains they offer ...