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An extremely professional writer and a very influential person; it's always nice to work with someone who understands the direction of social media completely and can bring a real creativity to projects. - Mark Buckland, Cargo Publishing MD.


My first encounter with the internet happened before the web was invented. There was nobody on it. It was green and black. I typed 'hello' and one person responded. I wasn't sure what to do with the conversation after 'hello'.

I may not have been amazed by the early internet but I was quite intrigued by the idea of virtual social networks. Yes, we had them back in the 80s. One of the most popular was the Citizens Band Radio network. I sat in an attic asking people questions like: 'what are you doing?' and 'where are you?' Little has changed in a quarter of a century. The first question spawned Twitter and the second, FourSquare and Gowalla.

Fortunately, thanks to the enormous kindness of Tim Berners-Lee, we now have the amazing web, which I feel privileged to have nurtured in its sapling days. Back then, we saw the web as the next Industrial Revolution - a comparison I've noticed popping up as if it were a new idea in recent months.

A Dot Com Pioneer in the 90s, I've been involved in the development of the web since the early days. When I first set up businesses online, I'd search  for the idea. If nobody had done it, I would. Looking at the number of results that come up for every possible idea now, it seems mad that my contemporaries and I came up with the original ideas on which so many have been developed - but we did. The ideas we first put into the web have borne fruit. The work/life blend we now have makes business much more natural and easy. It mirrors business before the first industrial revolution. Ironic that.

I understand the system that was in place before the first web revolution - I went straight from university into running a Limited Company with Baby Boomers on the Board at a time when email was 'new fangled' to many. This gives me a different perspective to social media 'gurus' who've only been in web business since the mid-2000s. The shiny new tools are just tools. The future of business lies in the intelligent use of these, without losing sight of the good stuff that has been there since the first industrial revolution: entrepreneurial vision and solid application.

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