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            1. 江蘇遠洋藥業股份有限公司(常熟市金城食品添加劑有限公司)

              Jiangsu Yuanyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (CHAGNSHU JINCHENG FOOD ADDITIVE CO.,LTD.)

            2. Products

              "Advanced process, first-rate products, perfect service" as Yuanyang's firm principle in business.


              CAS NO.: -

              Chemical Formula: C4H11NO3S

              Structural Formula:

              Molecular Weight: 153.25

              Property: white crystalline powder,odorless and subacid, easily soluble in water, soluble in hot ethanol, insoluble in ethyl ether or acetone.





              White crystalline powder


              99. 0% min

              Clarity of Solution

              Colourless and clear

              Loss and Drying

              0.2% max

              Calcined Residue

              0.1% max

              Heavy Metals(Pb)

              10ppm max


              1ppm max

              Chloride (as Cl)

              0.01% max

              Sulphate (as SO4)

              0.01% max

              Ammonium Salt (as NH4)

              0.02% max

              Easily Carbonized

              Matter Colorless

              USES: Pharmaceutical ingredient, health product, food, beverage, food additive, etc. Prevent and treat cold, fever, neuralgia, tonsillitis, rheumatoid arthritis, cholecystitis, heart failure, high blood pressure, drug intoxication. Also treat amphiblestritis and hyperlipemia causing by lack of Taurine.
              PACKAGE:25Kg/Fiber drum/Carton/Poly bag lined with 2 layers PE bags.
              STORAGE: Be stored in cool,dry place,free from toxic or harmful goods when be stored and delivered.
              Mailbox User: @jchg.com PWD: