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You Are So Great

You are. Just as you are. 

Forget the buzz words and phrases for a second. Let's just chat.

Only you know everything that you've been through to bring you to where you are now. I should imagine that it hasn't been a picnic. You may have gone through disappointments and faced situations where people made judgements about you that were not only unfair, they were plain wrong or mean.

There have been times that you've reached for a goal and not quite got there. You may not even be able to forgive yourself for that. You may not have realised until just now that you haven't forgiven yourself. Forgive yourself. Forgive anyone else you need to forgive to move on. 

Whatever your disappointments in the past. It's all behind you now. This moment is a fresh page, and you can write your future on it in whichever way you choose.

Here are some things to bear in mind. If you've struggled, but you're still here, on a blog like this, learning:

  • You know how to handle failure, pick yourself up and start again. You're brave.
  • You have confidence. Not everyone would pick themselves up. You have.
  • You have vision. You could see there was a better future for you, and that is why you are researching what is available, and learning all you can.
If you have courage, confidence and vision, you have all you need to be a leader. That's why I think you are so great. Get out there and lead. 

Do You HOG Your Business Brownies?

Fabienne Fredrickson talks about sharing your brownies. In this audio, I explain what that means and why SO many people choose to hog their brownies instead. When you've listened to this audio, leave a comment below and confess your crime of brownie hogging, or share how you avoid making that mistake and why others should share their brownies too.


Give Your Friends Good Advice

Have TOTAL Integrity and Authenticity in Marketing

Those of you who've been following me for a while (either here or on one of my blogs, Twitter or Google+, etc) know that I speak my mind. You probably also know that it sometimes gets me in trouble. Why? Because I'm not part of the swarm. Ever. I'm missing that gene. I understand it and I observe it. It helps me to predict cultural and economic change accurately, but I make my own decisions. I think for myself, weigh things up, and make an intelligent choice. That means that when something starts to feel a bit 'iffy', I won't continue to promote it - even if it's bringing in good money - because that wouldn't serve my followers. It wouldn't be authentic. You matter more to me than an affiliate payment. When I say 'you need to get in on this now', I want you to feel safe about making a quick decision before you miss out. If I'm untrustworthy, you can't do that. Write that down. You need to be the same way with your own followers, prospects and customers. It will serve both of you well.

Look at my post on Groupon, for instance. I LOVED that company, and I promoted them heavily when they were doing everything right, so that you'd reap the benefits. MANY of you did. I know. My affiliate payments rocked because of everything you bought through my links! However, when they treated me badly (and I was able to ascertain that this was not an isolated thing. Bear in mind that ALL companies and ALL people screw up from time to time, so I needed to be certain it wasn't an isolated incident. Write that down too. Be fair in your dealings) I told you. It cost me financially to do so, but my name is the most valuable thing I have.

There's another lesson here. Groupon was given many opportunities to resolve the issues, and they didn't take them. The moment the blog went up, the issues were resolved. Great ... except ... if you google 'can you trust Groupon' or 'can I trust Groupon' my post is in the first few results. If everything could be resolved so quickly, it should have been. If it had, I would NEVER have blogged about it. Think ahead when you have made an error. Apologise and fix it. 

It was a point of integrity and authenticity to remove their banners from my blogs. In doing so I took a financial hit, but I had to be real with you. If I don't trust a brand, I can't promote it. I told you I would get back to you after I had re-tested Groupon for you as a customer. That way, I would be able to reinstate the banners and report that it was just a blip, and that Groupon was back to its wonderful, former, self ... or not.

Well, I've tested them again and ... nothing's arrived. I'm going to get back on the phone to customer services again, but with news stories like this appearing about the company, it has a long way to go to convince me I should promote it again. My current stance on Groupon is that I still think some of the deals are unbeatable but ... BUYER BEWARE. If the only thing that matters to you is cost, stick with Groupon. If you want decent delivery times and good customer service, weigh up your options. Two of the people I've spoken with on customer service there have been good. One was exceptionally good. The others have been patronising and unhelpful. On balance, the treatment you're likely to receive can best be described as 'variable'.

The company won me over brilliantly and consistently delivered on its promises for a number of months, so I still have affection for it and hope that it turns itself around. Until it does, make sensible decisions. If you choose price over quality of delivery and treatment, you can't really complain when that's all you get.

I'll keep you posted. If they fix their ways, I'll be the FIRST to put up their banner and issue a call to 'buy, buy, buy!!!' Until then, I'm looking out for you and I urge caution for now.


Annoying Negative Mindsets - Have YOU Got One of These?

I was thinking about negative mindsets that annoy me today. There are a couple that are at the top of the list:
  1. What people call the 'poverty' or 'poor me' mindset that because things have been bad in the past, they will always be bad. People with this mindset believe that happiness, sadness, and every other emotion are dictated by random events that happen to them. If they are lucky they will be rich and, as a consequence of that... happy. If they are unlucky, they will be poor, and as a consequence of that... unhappy. This is such a stubbornly held view that even when faced with people who've made it through FAR worse situations and prevailed,  'lucky them' is the typical response. These people REFUSE to be inspired or to focus on anything but money, or the lack of it. They place a level of faith in the lottery with which the statistics simply do not agree, but the idea that they could change their mindset, and their life,  is utterly impossible to them. 
  2. The 'I rock: you suck' mentality. People with this mindset crow about their possessions, but give no value back. Instead, they try to take self-respect from those with fewer possessions. The idea of financial poverty is so abhorrent to them that those who are enduring it are also abhorrent. They de-humanise those who lack funds. Doing so makes them feel even more superior. They feel justified in doing so.
I  know people throughout the financial scale, from those living under the poverty line, to multi-millionaires. Many of the people I know do not fall into either of these mindsets - fortunately - but some do.

The first mindset is most commonly seen in people living on a budget. The second, in those with many millions of pounds/dollars. 

The first one is self-limiting. It is prejudice against the self. Indirectly, it affects others because that person does not share themselves in a way that empowers their peers. Their disempowering mindset disempowers others (in a passive way). It is widespread, so it damages through numbers - a culture of disempowerment. The second one directly affects others, because it is prejudice+power, and it is directed outwards (in an active way) so just one person with this mindset has the potential to damage many others significantly - disempowerment as a weapon of significance.

It was only today that I realised something... they are not different mindsets. They are the same one

Object-Referral and Self-Referral Minsets

Deepak Chopra writes of Object and Self Referral. Object-referral means that you base your own value on the things that you possess. Your value is based on 'stuff' and the opinions of others

Self-Referral means that you base your own value on your timeless core beliefs and qualities. This kind of mindset is not dependent on the views or others or the number of houses or cars you own.

Both of the mindsets that I find annoying are nothing more or less than 'Object-Referral' mindsets. They are fear-based mindsets. They are chaotic and unstable. The moment the rich person loses their possessions, if they have this kind of mindset, they lose their whole character. The moment the poor person is offered a way to improve their finances, if they have this kind of mindset, they are more likely to stick with it even if it is not ethically the best choice. In fact, that is the case for both groups, and that is why the 'LOVE' of money is the 'root of all evil'. If you love money, rather than loving the process of living out your own destiny in such a way that money is the end result, you make un-ethical choices. That worries me. It can lead to a cycle of gain and loss that leads nowhere, and has no ethical basis, a little like the passive/active 'Crazy 8' to which Tony Robbins refers. This can lead to 'Crazy 8s' for whole cultures. Open your eyes and you'll see it happening right now.

I'd rather do business with people with a Self-Referral Mindset. They make decisions from a place of authenticity, and they are not scared to turn down unethical business offers. They are MORE than their bank balance - whatever its size. I want to meet more people like that. They rock. They know it. But they know that other people rock too. THAT is a confident mindset.


Do You Believe in Your Dreams?

Ready for Christmas?

How's every little thing? 

Ready for Crimble? Got your lights up yet? We put up our Christmas tree today and I filmed the process time-lapse stylee. Hubby has forbidden the uploading of this to the web, or I'd share it with you. The funniest thing ever. 

The thing I noticed when I played it back, however, was how organised it all looked. We were squabbling about what should go where all the way through, but when you saw it speeded up, it looked planned. It reminded me of what you see with an ant colony. We assume insects that work in groups are very organised, but maybe they all squabble as much as we do. The overall pattern that emerges is what matters.

I want to share this video with you, because it shows how amazingly well people can work as a team, when we just stop over-thinking every last thing. Enjoy it.

How could you use this in your business? What about over the festive period? People get in such a state about how to make Christmas work every year, and yet... somehow... every year a turkey makes it to a table, people open presents, someone has too much egg noggy goodness, or chocolate, or rum. It happens every year. What if you just assumed you could all work together and make it work this year. It's not like you don't have YEARS of experience, is it? Why not just chill out this year, and let the chips (and mince pies) fall where they may? 

If you need some festive funds, I may be able to help:

Let me know how you get on, and please leave a comment below. I love it when you leave your thoughts. :) 


Why Work in November?

Only available at this price until Christmas
Find out more HERE


Defeat the Awesome Powers of... Captain Flakey!

In my last blog post, I spoke about the importance of making a plan by November. Your silence was deafening. You didn't do it, did you? I can see Captain Flakey has been at work. I didn't warn you about The Captain. It's my fault. I'll remedy that right now.

Step 1: Identify Captain Flakey

Now, a captain is usually a good thing. A great thing. Nice to have one. Nice to be one. Every now and then, however, a less wonderful captain shows up. He wears a cape emblazoned with a giant F. He is... Captain Flakey. If you're not careful, Captain Flakey will take over your life and destroy your dreams.

How do you identify him? First, he does not always appear kitted out with the cape. This is his fiendish strategy. Sometimes, he appears as a new person in your life. Sometimes, he infiltrates the brains of those you know. Sometimes, he even infiltrates the brain of someone you know very well indeed... YOU!

You can recognise him by his weapons:

  • The sword of Inertia: With this sword, he cuts off your ability to take even small steps forward. The sword of inertia creates a general 'not bovvered' ness that cripples your ability to make plans, or even comment on blogs. I see the Captain is working within you this month. I hope this post comes in time to save you all.
  • The Handcuffs of Inadequacy: These handcuffs have quite awesome power. They unleash the power of what I call 'aggressive apathy'. It is that sense that you must do something, but that you'll probably fail so it's best not to try. The turmoil is internal. You fight against the handcuffs, but only in your mind. You are chained to irritated inaction.
  • 'Yes' Repellent: The most potent of Captain Flakey's weapons is 'Yes' Repellent. If he sprays you with this, you will be incapable of positivity. Every opportunity will be met with a 'no'. Every good thing will create a level of suspicion so paralysing that you are left flailing in a pit of mediocrity while people walk by, shrug, and say: 'Oh. Captain Flakey got him. Shame'. 

Step 2: Defeat Captain Flakey 

Do not be at home to Captain Flakey! Punch him in his suspicions. Kick him in his indequacies.  LEAVE A COMMENT saying one way in which you plan to defeat Captain Flakey, RIGHT NOW. Commit it to the web. Say it loud. Say it proud. Say it now! What are you going to change? However small. What is your dream? However big. You have a right to state it, now.



Stop Hopping Around!

What is Your Plan?

It's October. It's nearly the end of October. You have the rest of this week to figure out what you're doing with your business.


At the end of this week is Halloween, after that - in the UK - you've got Guy Fawkes Night. In the USA, you have Thanksgiving. Then there's Christmas.

At what point do you plan to plan your plan for 2011 if you don't do it THIS WEEK???

Why You Can't Wait Until January 

November is the time of year when people let things slide. They're thinking about the holidays. They'll leave the business stuff until they make their resolutions in January.


Why? Because you're following this blog to find out how to keep calm and kick arse and a big part of the 'kicking arse' portion of that is to do with preparedness, resilience and resourcefulness. If you faff about now, you'll lose out in January. Take action, and you won't. 

First, read my last blog post and make some decisions about where you are right now.

Next, sketch out some ideas about where you'd like to go next.

Third, get on my list for updates about things to help you kick butt next year. There's some amazing opportunities just about to come up, and the people on my newsletter list will find out first.

Stop Faffing About!

The time is coming when you'll need to pick a box, and stick with it. This is your last week to faff about. 

Leave comments and tell me your thoughts. Is this something you've thought about? Have you noticed that others have a problems with it? Is it something you've noticed in yourself? Share your thoughts.



Sometimes... When you Get It Right... It hurts.

funny pictures of cats with captions

If you've been paying attention, particularly if you follow me elsewhere online, you'll know I made a prediction at the start of this year. You'll know that the prediction I made led me to set up this blog. I've been making predictions about businesses and culture all my life and, more often than not, they come true. 

Sometimes, when you get it right, it's glorious. 
Sometimes, when you get it right, it hurts.

At 14, I made my first big prediction that affected business. I wrote a speech about global warming (this was over 20 years ago), and the steps that needed to be taken to prevent it. That speech went on to become the basis for the environmental policy of a huge company. As a consequence, I ended up in the House of Commons a few years later, quizzing politicians - but that's a story for another day. 

In 1999, Google was a mis-spelling that had just written its first press release. I had just graduated. I opened a company, and started to blog. This was before 'blogging' was a concept.  Feedback was central to the sites we set up. The feedback form stated that we wanted to hear good and bad. I predicted the future of the web would be social, informal, and transparent. 

Why am I telling you this? 
  1. It's a good track record. Sometimes I get it wrong but usually my predictions are spot on. Most of my biggest mistakes have come from ignoring my predictions. Unfortunately, when you ignore stuff like this, it doesn't go away. It bites you on the butt because you're not prepared. If I have a hunch about something, particularly if I keep going on about it, it pays to listen, and prepare.
  2. Women have to shout louder about their accomplishments. A fact that, unfortunately, is also part of what I have to say next. .
It is Happening

I predicted this recession, and I made another prediction many months ago. It is happening now.

The UK government just announced the extent of the redundancies expected in the coming months. 500,000 in the public sector. 65% of the public sector employees are... female.

You might be thinking, 'well, I'm male and I don't work in the public sector, so I'm fine.' Wrong. For every job lost in the public sector, one is likely to be lost in the private sector. One million jobs in total... gone. One of them may be yours.

When Everyone Zigs, You Zag

My friend, Diane Hochman, is fond of saying that when everyone zigs, you should zag. It's true. Right now, everyone will be starting to panic. You're not going to do that though. You're going to prepare.

How to Prepare
  1. Grab a lever arch file and in large, friendly letters write the following on the spine: 'Operation Sh*tstorm'. You can take out the * if you like.
  2. Research all the government benefits you are entitled to if you lose your job. 
  3. Research the procedure within your organisation if you lose your job. Is there a decent redundancy package? Are you in a better position if you take voluntary redundancy? If you're in the private sector, has your company burned through its resources already? If so, you'll need to rely on the state redundancy package - which is likely to be smaller. Research how to apply for that. Send off for all the paperwork. 
  4. Get hold of paperwork for social housing, etc. Contact Pay Plan if you think there's a chance you'll default on payments to creditors. Get all the paperwork you could need in a worst case scenario. You might not need it, but if one million people suddenly lose their jobs, you will get stuck in a traffic jam of panic. Get the crappy tasks done now.
  5. Work out a budget. Get an absolutely accurate picture of your outgoings. 
  6. Put all the paperwork in the 'Operation Sh*tstorm' file. You have now dealt with it psychologically. The moment you hear that you've been made redundant, you can shrug, pull down the file, and take action. I did this. It works.
  7. Having prepared for the worst, you must now prepare for the best. That will take a change of mindset...
Forget finding another job. You don't even want to know what I predict for the job market next year. You don't want to be part of that nightmare. Instead, start preparing to become an entrepreneur now.

You may be thinking 'I work in the public sector. It's about as entrepreneurial as the House of Lords. How the heck do I become an entrepreneur?'  Don't worry. I can help with that. I'm writing a book at the moment, to help people who are made redundant due to these cuts. I'll let you know when it's ready. In the meantime, just start laying the groundwork so you can deal with redundancy if it hits you. You need that groundwork so you can keep calm and kick arse. The first part of the groundwork starts in your mind:

If you could have any kind of career, what would it be?

Feel free to let us all know in the comments section.


Alligetters with Crocodeals Need to Get Out of the Sales Swamp

demotivational posters - NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU KNOCK

Nobody wants to be THIS guy.

The cold blooded, cold-calling predator is a dinosaur. Just as crocodiles and alligators have remained unchanged since ancient times, so alligetters are stuck in a timewarp. A toxic swamp of entitlement.

Alligetters Don't Care

Alligetters are all about them. They don't care whether what they are offering is helpful to their prospect or not. All they care about is the sale.

Crocodeals Only Serve One Person

A crocodeal only serves the reptile selling it. They know the buttons to push to make you buy. There's nothing wrong with that. A good grasp of psychology is not a bad thing. The problem with the alligetter is that they push these buttons even when they know the product or service is wrong for you

Alligetters Are Cold-Blooded

Alligetters only ever go in cold. You are just a number to them. No matter how much you tell them their product won't work for you, they keep on pushing. People are getting bored of alligetters. If you are an alligetter, no matter how much you knock, nobody's ever going to let you in

Have a look at the things I promote (marked with 'promotion'). Do I tell you that you MUST buy them? No. Do I tell you what's wrong with them? Yes. You aren't just a sale to me. You are a person. To an alligetter though... you're the next kill.

How to Stop Being an Alligetter

Unlike alligators - who don't need to evolve - alligetters do, and can. There's no shame in having been an alligetter. It's how traditional businesses once taught people to sell. In fact, if you're aware enough to notice that swamp is getting toxic, and move out of it, it says great things about you. Here's how you can start to evolve:

  1. Leave comments on other people's blogs. Don't just passively consume content. Give something back. Become part of the conversation.
  2. Retweet good content on Twitter. Sharing information you find valuable helps both the creator of the information, and your followers.
  3. Use share buttons, like the ones below the comments on this post, to share information you find useful. If you can't find share buttons on a blog, just cut and paste the url, and tweet it out, or share on Facebook. If you need to shorten it, use a service like
  4. For extra bonus points, link to a good blog post written by someone else within a newsletter to your own list of subscribers.
  5. Find out what your prospects REALLY want. If you don't provide it, guide them to someone who does. You haven't lost the sale - you never had it - but you've helped out two other people at no cost to yourself.
  6. GIVE 15 TIMES MORE THAN YOU TAKE. Some months it will be closer to 10, or even 5, but keep the number 15 in your head and keep striving to give that much more than you take. 
  7. The idea of adding value isn't new. If you go through this blog, you'll find a video of Jim Rohn talking about it YEARS ago. Take action on this advice. Add value. If you do, you won't be a swamp dweller, you'll evolve into something much more approachable.
What are your thoughts on this? How do you feel about alligetters and crocodeals? Can you add anything else?

Leave a comment below (or click the speech bubble at the top right of the post to open the comment box if you've come here via the homepage).


Getting Things Will Not Make You Happy

(part 1 of 4 - the rest are on You Tube if you are interested)

Progress = happiness

How much have you progressed this year?

How much have you taken control of the progress you started when you set resolutions in January?

Do you have a VISION for what you really, truly want?

Are you excited by it?

What is it?


Jim Rohn - Bring Value to the Marketplace

This guy taught Tony Robbins. Watch this. My friend, Miriam Buhr drew my attention to it. It's a good vid. What are your thoughts? 

Can you relate to this or do you feel resistance? 

If you do feel resistance, does that tell you anything?


More Free Stuff!

I picked one of my first 100 followers earlier today and gave them a little gift - 6 times the number of blog followers they had this morning. Always nice to give something back.

By the way, thanks for the emails and messages about the podcasts. I'm glad you're finding them helpful, but don't be shy about commenting. It's not your fault if you've struggled with writing in the past. Sometimes you just get crummy teachers and it gets boring, or complicated. I'm happy to share this stuff with you so you can forget all that, and start to enjoy writing.

Comment here on the blog, under the podcasts. It's nice to let people know what you find useful, so they learn from it too. If you haven't checked out the podcasts in the 'Writing, for Non-Writers' series, have a listen and leave comments. They take a while to put together, so I'll take my lead from you. If you want free, professional advice on writing, let me know and I'll provide it. 

And finally... after I told you all about SocialOomph I checked to see how many of you were trying it out, and it's... loads!  Thrilled to have helped so many of you. Incidentally, nobody I've referred to this product has stopped using it - 100% approval rating is a pretty good reason to try it if you haven't so far. 

What I did notice though was that over 20 of you are using the most pared down version. That makes no sense to me, as you miss out on so many features. I was flummoxed, until I realised I hadn't made it clear that you can get the professional version for free!  Doh! All you have to do is click the link (I think it's on the front page when you go through) that tells you about the trial professional version. You're not locked in or anything. You can try it for free, and downgrade to the basic version again afterwards if you choose not to upgrade. Simple. Give it a go now: free upgrade

Any questions you have, feel free to leave them below. I don't think you can use the bulk upload function on the trial version, but if you upgrade and want to find out about using that, I have some great tips I'd be happy to share with you. Results vary, of course, but I've got SO many more followers, and saved so much time, thanks to that one function alone. 

Let me know your questions. Happy to help. 


P.S. If you can't be bothered with Twitter, but feel your business should be on it, or if you need some copy for your blog or site, send me an email through the 'work with me' section. Tell me what you need. I may be able to help. 

Writing for Non-Writers - Part 1: Planning (Free Training Podcast)

Click the 'play' button to hear a step-by-step podcast that will explain how to put together a plan. Anyone can do this. You can modify this plan for all kinds of writing, such as:
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  • Novel writing
For professional writing services (copywriting, blogging, ghost writing etc) get in touch via the contact form


Blogger Tip: How to Put Links in Blogger Comments

UPDATE: 16th of March 2013: OVER 300 COMMENTS!!!

Wow! Glad this has helped so many people. I spent so long trying to work this out for myself, that it made sense to share that solution with people, so that it would be easy for you all to do this. 

People have asked about people spamming. Yeah, there's been some spamming, but it hasn't been that bad. I'm giving you the opportunity to link to your stuff, so why not? Most people haven't abused that. I've deleted about 50 to 80 comments, I suppose, which isn't many really. 

If you are looking for ways to make some money online, but you're fearful of being scammed - which I know is a lot of people - I just came out with a new book to help with that. Check it out. Might help you: How to Choose the Right Network Marketing Company.

OK ... here's what you came here for ... link away!


You know when you try to leave a link in the comments section of Blogger blogs and it never links? There's a way around that. Don't abuse this, obviously, but this is such a handy little tip, particularly if you want to link to a particular post. 

First of all, make sure you are on the page for this particular post. Do that by clicking on the title above. Done that? Great! Now, if you look down, you'll see buttons so you can spread the love and share this with Blogger friends if you find it useful (they'll love you for it). Now, bookmark it so you can come back if you need to. You'll notice the URL is different. It's not - it'll have the title after it too. This is the kind of URL you need if you want to link to a particular post - whether on your blog or someone else's - in a comment. If you just link to the home page, the post you like may not be current.

Right, here's the clever bit. Pick the post you want to link to in a comment on someone's site, then type this into the comment box: 

<a href="">The Bexter Review</a> 

Simply replace the first red text with the URL of the post or blog you want to link to, and make the second URL the text you want to display. So that would show up as The Bexter Review in a comment, and would link back here. 


Try it out by commenting here.


P.S. If you want more free tips and training like this, put your details in the form in the sidebar. 

P.P.S. Leaving comments is a good way to direct traffic to your site - as long as you don't spam - but if you're not making the money you want, it could be that something as simple as your mindset is holding you back. Check out my interview with the legendary Ray Higdon on this. Could be a real game changer for you. The Mindset Behind the Magic: Money Acceptance.

P.P.P.S. If you're an aspiring author or entrepreneur, check out my main site: 


You Think You Know What Motivates You - But Are You Right?

The struggle I had getting this idea to be heard in 1999 was phenomenal. Even now, it sounds odd to most. It is true, though - as one look at social media will show you.